How to fix lost memory stick

It happens that instead of the declared amount of memory, say 8 GB on a flash drive can fit no more than 4 MB of information. Do not rush to throw away Your flash drive. You can try to regain lost memory.

Как починить потерявшую память флешку


1. Here’s how the disk initially.

2. On your computer, open the start menu. Select «control Panel». Navigate to «Administration». You can do this by typing the word «administration» in the upper right corner of the window in the «Search control panel».

3. Choose «computer Management» in the menu list.

4. From the left list select «disk Management».

5. In the Central part of the window, find the failed disk.

6. Next, open the «start» menu. In the search box type cmd. Click the icon.

7. The window opens C:Windowssystem32cmd.exe.

8. The text you type DISKPART. Press «Enter». Window C:Windowssystem32diskpart.exe.

9. Next, type LIST disk. Press «Enter». Opens a list of drives, looking out the broken disk.

10. Next, type SELECT disk=1 (figure — his own version, in accordance with the number of the disk). Press «Enter». In the window you will see «selected disk 1». Type the word Clean. Press «Enter». You will see «disk Cleanup completed successfully». Go to the «computer Management-disk management». Choose «Action — Update».

11. Next right mouse button click on the flash symbol, choose «new simple volume». Specify the desired settings. Formatted disk.

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