Proper healthy nail care

Beautiful long shiny nails has long been considered an indicator of health and well-being. And how can you achieve perfect nails at home?

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This requires quite a bit of effort. Just regularly consume the necessary vitamins and perform a manicure once a week, while making special baths with nail feeding means.

Let’s start with a very important for healthy and strength of nails vitamins. The most important are vitamins a and E. these substances can be bought in any drugstore, they are inexpensive and very effective. These vitamins are sold in capsules. However, they are required to take not inside. Every evening it is necessary to puncture the capsule, rubbing it in substance in the skin around the nail. A few weeks after the start of treatment results will be expected: your nails will get Shine and you will cease to exfoliate and break off. Treatment can continue for up to three months.

Of baths most effective are oil. For example, olive oil is the first pressing should be heated to a temperature slightly above body temperature and add the squeezed juice of a whole lemon. Try to sit down in a bath hands about 20-30 minutes. In addition, you can use the bath with almond oil and a blend of soy and bergamot oils. Before treatments are necessary to remove nail Polish for best effect recovery of the nail plate.

During cleaning, always wear rubber gloves, because contact with water and various detergents are very detrimental to the health of your nails.

Every evening apply on the hands a thick layer of moisturizer and put on special cotton gloves, to nourish the skin of hands and nails.

In General, the condition of the nails always reflect the state of our health. And first of all you need to start to monitor their diet and behavior of the organism. To the nails were beautiful, it may be necessary to go on a diet consisting of foods that contain the minerals your body. Examples can be calcium, iron, protein, magnesium and others. The cause of brittle nails may also be, oddly enough, nervous.

As you can see, in matters of your health and appearance can only help you. So eat right, take care of your nerves and be the mistress of a beautiful, healthy and long nails!

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