Five tricks for perfect hair and makeup

Recently very popular life hacks, including on the topic of hair and makeup. Take note of the interesting and simple tips to help you look at 100%.

Пять хитростей для идеальных прически и макияжа


Hard to guess where besides the basic functions, it can be used. Many girls, Amateur marksman in the evening or everyday wear, I spend a lot of time to repeat the first angle of the arrow. Even the most experienced sometimes one cannot do this without erasing and re-applying eyeliner. The secret is simple – you need to put the patch along the line of route of the arrow. Making sure that the corners of the patch on both eyes conform to each other, we can safely draw a line the desired thickness, then just delete the patch and correct this place with the help of Foundation and powder.

Bush toilet paper

Rather, this life hack will save money on purchasing hair curlers large diameter. The more the rod is made of natural material are much more expensive than usual. For beautiful styling, these bushings fit perfectly. Their diameter will create large natural curls, and the paper from which they are made, will accelerate the process of drying hair. To collect the required number of bushings will take several months and will need clamps to hold the curl on the sleeve to dry completely, but the result should please.


In recent years, fashion bloggers often use this tool in their commercials, he really became a trend. The main task of the spoon is to apply shadows on the lid. The spoon is applied to eyelid and fixed, then apply the shadow after a single tone is applied, you can remove the spoon and paint the rest of the surface. Thus, it’s a great circuit. Also, you can attach the spoon to the bottom line of the eyebrow and apply the shadow for the eyebrows, the contour of the same turns out very smooth and neat. Owners of long eyelashes this device is useful for dyeing eyelashes. Putting a spoon in the century can be not afraid to get dirty. Beauty bloggers often use plastic spoons, they really are recorded easier and possible to change them.


Instead of hairspray you can use regular sweet tea. It will be convenient to use, if you get the spray. Natural components of such a «setting spray» not only will not damage the hair, but also fill them with freshness and brilliance.


Only apply it can not quite familiar way. If you will not blush, to give a light pink shade will help ordinary lipstick. It can be red or pink in color, as a rule, if the shade looks good on the lips, and the skin it must come out. Better if the texture of the lipstick is soft, sustainable matte or difficult to apply. This method can help out in situations when, in addition to lipstick in her purse was nothing in it, and tasted it once, subsequent times it is possible not to load the output with unnecessary makeup items.

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