What is L-carnitine

In sports nutrition L-carnitine is called vitamin B11, produced in the human body when consuming protein foods. Properties of l-carnitine allows the body to quickly metabolize fat into energy, thus it is widely used in bodybuilding as a dietary Supplement.

Элькарнитин позволяет быстрей усваивать жиры и превращать их в энергию


What types of l-carnitine is better for weight loss

Manufacturers of sports nutrition offers liquid and solid preparations with alternities.

  • In liquid form drinks, syrups, cocktails, and also ampoules. The composition of these drinks is necessarily present acetyl-l-carnitine. Convenient liquid Supplement to use before workouts, she also has a very pleasant taste. However, the concentration of the active ingredient in this product is small, and the product itself is more expensive than other forms of drug release.
  • Preformed l-carnitine easier to find on sale in its pure form, although some manufacturers may add sweetener to the pill was easier to use. The drug should be taken with water or unsweetened juice, so athletes will have to take on training favourite drink. Unlike liquid l-carnitine, pill takes about 30 minutes for absorption. The same applies to l-carnitine in capsules.

How to take l-carnitine for fat burning

The use of l-carnitine allows you to burn faster fat stores in the body. However, fans of the magic and versatile recipes diets fail to lose weight fast, only eating supplements and palieva on the couch. To alternity acted, required an intense workout. The body starts the fat burning process hours after aerobic exercise, and Supplement allows you to start this process for half an hour on the treadmill, stationary bike or other types of workouts.

How to take l-carnitine in training? First of all, forget about the trendy diets for weight loss and train yourself to protein foods. Secondly, observe the dosage and avoid side effects. Thirdly, you can combine the Supplement with other varieties of sports nutrition, but the most effective is the reception of alicantina with amino acids complex BCAA.

The dosage of l-carnitine

The body of an adult requires 0.2-0.5 g of l-carnitine, and at high physical loads this number increases to 1.5-2 in Certain reserve substances contained in the liver and striated muscles, even a certain amount comes from food rich in protein, but this amount of l-carnitine for athletes is rarely enough, why use sports supplements. The exact dosage is indicated on the packaging, but there are some General recommendations.

  • Liquid l-carnitine for women and men is administered in a 5 ml three times a day. Also, the athletes can enjoy a full daily dose at one time for half an hour before the workout.
  • The dosage of tablets and capsules varies depending on the concentration of the substance and is 250-500 g three times per day or 1000-1500 g before training. If this is not enough, after a consultation with the therapist or sports doctor, the dosage can be increased up to 2000-2500 g

When to take l-carnitine

Drugs with l-carnitine take on different circuits. So, capsules and tablets are often used on an empty stomach in the morning, before training or after training. Daily dosage is divided into 2-3 servings and is 0.5-2 years to Exceed the dosage does not make sense: the excess of the drug are derived in a natural way and do not do any good.

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