How to keep a man

To keep a man — a problem, which tormented a generation of women. The lengths we sometimes go nor what gods nor cry out, and things are there: the production runs for a hunter.

Как удержать мужчину

Many women are concerned with the questions: «How to get a man?», «How to keep a man?», «How to make so that he wanted to be with me?»

To these questions I have my own opinion and another question: Wwhy you the man that you want to achieve, retain, and make him all sorts of tricks to be with you? You can achieve anything. You can force to come to you out of gratitude. You can find such a man, who will not give you the courtesy. Can a man seduce her body and passion. You can overcome it with his love and care. But sooner or later he will suspect that it was manipulation, and leave. A month, a year, ten years… but if you managed to attract and retain, you have your whole life to attract and retain. Let go of «the reins» — and everything starts to crumble.

True happiness only happens when he wants to come to you and be with you. When it beckons your uniqueness. When his soul touched yours. When he is well with you, regardless of what you are today. And only then think about how to do it and even more happy.

You can become indispensable only when it is his own decision.


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