5 reasons to love meditation

In meditation we are very far behind from the Eastern and Western world. There’s this activity became a mass trend, and today is practiced in schools, hospitals, prisons, offices and other establishments of a different order. Scientists have for decades been studying meditation, doctors recommend that many people practice. Why? Yes, because it works!

5 причин полюбить медитацию

One short meditation is enough to feel more relaxed and rested. This phenomenon scientists have found by studying the brain during meditation. Our continuous mental activity occurs when activating beta waves, with a decrease in the activity of our brain is cleared from the flow of thoughts and induces a state of deep relaxation. In other words, when we meditate, our brain a rest from the continuous flow of processed information.

Meditation helps to cope with depression and reduces stress. In proof of this statement, we can cite the example of one of the studies in this field: Scientists from the universities of Siena and Harvard conducted an experiment on a group of participants who had never meditated. For eight weeks they studied different techniques and indices of the psychological tests conducted before and after the course, identified each of the participants reducing the level of stress and anxiety. Not without MRI analysis, the comparison demonstrated «an increase in the thickness of the cerebral cortex in part responsible for emotion and perception» that the result also has a positive effect on reducing state anxiety, anxiety, depression and alexithymia.

Meditation increases the level of productivity and concentration. This time scientists from the Universities of Washington and Arizona conducted a study that determined that meditation helps us to work more productively in situations of multitasking, keep the focus on one occupation, but also solves the problem of otvlekaemost. On a group of office workers also conducted a series of tests before and after the meditation course, where they had to demonstrate their ability to solve a variety of problems in conditions of stress, i.e. constant phone calls, emails, urgent tasks arise. By the end of the course, the productivity of the employees, participated in the experiment, compared with the group which took the course, as a result, the meditator group in the accomplishment of tasks and less distracted longer I stayed focused.

Meditation increases creativity.It has a beneficial effect on creativity in the various surveys of practitioners have indicated that regular meditation develops the capacity for creative thinking, and often in the process of meditation come with original and creative ideas and solutions.

Meditation teaches us to live in the present and to understand myself better. After analyzing your thoughts, you will find that most of them are thoughts about the past or worries about the future, we feel the bitterness about the irretrievable and anxiety about the unknown, and thereby miss the life. When we meditate, all our attention, mind and body is in the present moment, here and now, where there is no time and space for the accumulation of problems, there is only this moment. In such moments, we deeply understand the sacredness of life, the workings of the mind subsides and we can hear the true answers that were always inside of us.

By learning this simple technique and making it a habit, you will begin to pay attention to things like the gap between two thoughts, the brief silence between words in a conversation, the space between the two notes in the piano, a pause between inhalation and exhalation, and this will certainly make your life more beautiful.

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