How to choose a profession like

Knowledge of psychological type greatly facilitates the choice of a profession. Each person has strengths, abilities, aptitudes. Setting your type, you will be able to better understand themselves and to define the scope of activities which will be successful.

Как выбрать профессию по душе

Followers distinguish Jung’s 16 personality types. People with the same type of personality, unite to psychological and social characteristics, determine the direction, method and style of their life. To determine to which personality type you belong to, the simple test will help a psycho. The doctrine of types called socionics.

The test instruction is

Below are four pairs of statements. From each pair, select the statement that describes you, and write down its serial number. In the end, you get a combination of four digits. Below, for each combination describes the characteristic of your type and tips for selecting a profession.

Test psycho

The first pair of statements

1. You are always equally efficient. Easily adhere to a predetermined plan; initiated follow up. Don’t like to change decisions. Sudden change in the situation knocks you off track. All the works performed in time, not postponing.

2. You have a hard time finishing what I started. For your health is characterized by periods of UPS and downs. It is difficult for you to stick to a predetermined plan. You can easily adapt to changing situations. Can work simultaneously on several projects. Prefer to act according to plan, and according to the situation. Easily switch from one activity to another. Often postpone things for later.

The second pair of statements

3. You depend on the opinions of others. You are interested in other people, their feelings. Hard to bear the conflicts. You find it difficult to objectively evaluate the actions of people that you are cute. Willing to discuss personal problems. You soft-hearted, diplomatic, seek to compromise. Avoid to tell the people unpleasant things.

4. You’re objective. Don’t like to discuss personal life of other people, it is not particularly interesting. You sober people. How people evaluate objectively, based on facts and not on personal attitude. Not very well versed in the nuances of moods and feelings.

The third pair of statements

5. You are a realist. Dreams and fantasies consider to be a waste of time. Stand firmly on your feet, not like abstract reasoning. Prefer action to thought. Willingly engage in everyday questions, can easily cope with housework.

6. You can easily become detached from reality, giving vent to imagination. You are absent-minded. You are somewhat insecure. Very curious , all the new causes you concern. Spiritual interests predominate over the material.

The fourth pair of statements

7. You reserved; do not like to stand out, good control of emotions in front of strangers, do not show initiative in Dating. The abundance of new impressions you tiring.

8. You are impulsive, take the initiative in Dating, energetic. Always open to new experiences.

The results of the test.

1357 – the Guardian

You are hardworking, industrious and neat, very compassionate and empathetic. You are well versed in relations between people; always feel like who treats you. Outwardly appear soft, but you inherent demands and persistence in achieving goals. You copes with routine work, it does not tire you. Have excellent aesthetic taste. Perhaps have the artist’s talent.

Recommended professions:doctor, nurse, elementary school teacher, veterinarian, teacher of boarding school, accountant, economist, painter, designer, a social worker.

1457 – Taxonomist

You are a very responsible and persistent person. Having a strong will, endurance and indefatigability in work. Strictly observe laws and regulations, carefully store any documentation. Extremely attentive to detail. Demanding of himself and others, able to establish severe discipline. You have a great deal with work that requires high precision and the ability to concentrate: the surgeon, the Manager, the employee pipeline. You have a tendency to exact Sciences, especially to mathematics.

Recommended profession: accountant, auditor, tax collector, procurement officer, investigator, safety officer, emergency doctor, surgeon, architect, Manager, lawyer.

1367 – Humanist

The main features of your character – love for people and compassion. You are different with warmth and sensitivity, can always comfort the afflicted person. You modest, shy and prone to «self-destruction». Some representatives of your type have the gift of foresight. You will be happy if you dedicate your life to helping and serving others.

Recommended profession: psychologist, teacher, priest, social worker, speech therapist, librarian, speech pathologist, Manager to work with staff.

1368 – Artist

You are artistic, have refined manners and great oratorical abilities. As no one else know how to emotionally affect the audience. You are a very emotional person, to understand art, like theater. Most likely, you have many friends who are impressed by your responsiveness, tact and brilliant sense of humor. Among the representatives of your a lot of brilliant actors and politicians. Also you can become a talented psychologist or a teacher. Especially you gravitate to the Humanities.

Recommended profession: artist, teacher of literature, history, foreign languages, journalist, psychologist, translator, tour guide, Manager PR, head of the creative team, sales Manager.

1458 – Professional

You always reach perfection. Have an exceptional capacity for work, rest rarely. Do not tolerate slackers and hacks. One of you will make a wonderful Director who cares about his subordinates, but at the same time knows how to be tough and to hold. You are a realist to the bone. Perfectly able to work with my hands. As the head is able to manufacture high-quality products.

Recommended profession: air traffic controller, economist, pilot, captain, engineer, mechanic, auditor, farmer, pharmacist, logistician, Bank Manager, dentist, paramedic, financier.

1468 – Entrepreneur

You are active, determined and brave. Love the risk and adventure. I hate empty time, often make plans. In your character a surprising combination of business practicality and unbridled imagination. This gives you the opportunity to realize themselves in many fields. Logical thinking, adventurous and organizational skills will make you successful in the field of business and Finance. The love of sport and a thirst for adventure will come in handy in extreme professions. Also you will be successful in science, teaching, programming.

Recommended profession: development Director, programmer, entrepreneur, stock broker, project Manager, lawyer, stuntman, geologist, speleologist, archaeologist, teacher of disciplines of natural-science cycle.

1358 Enthusiast

You are very emotional and cheerful. Try to avoid negative emotions. You – holiday man, able to lift people’s spirits. Easy to talk to, love to go visiting, to organize a feast. You have great aesthetic taste. You are prompt, work well with hands, gravitate towards practical activities. You the ideal worker of the service industry.

Recommended professions: hairdresser, cosmetologist, sales representative, PR specialist, costumer, makeup artist, steward, teacher, primary school teacher, a pediatrician, the office Manager, the employee tour. the Agency, the administrator of the beauty salon, toastmaster, artist of the operetta

1467 Analyst

You have excellent analytical skills, are able to separate the important from the unimportant, to delve into the heart of the problem. Any item for which you undertake, study carefully and thoroughly. At that meticulous, neat and consistent. Prefer intellectual work physical. You nedemonstrativnye and do not like to stand out. Best realize themselves in research activities.

Recommended profession: University teacher, financial analyst, economist, computer programmer, system administrator, archivist, lawyer, architect, scientist, translator, proofreader, scientific editor.

2357 – Artist

You are sociable, peaceful and charming person. Live for the day, able to enjoy other pleasant things. Very sensitive to physical and emotional comfort. Willing to do housework, are a wonderful family man. Have excellent taste, can create beautiful things with their hands. Love animals and children. The best way you can take in medicine, the service industry and crafts.

Recommended profession: fashion designer, pediatrician, designer, artist, chef, actor, nurse, makeup artist, massage therapist, florist, teacher, veterinarian.

2358 – Politician

You have boundless energy and charisma. You have a large circle of friends and can find approach to any person. You’re a born leader, not afraid of responsibility, have outstanding organizational skills, very active and dynamic. In any company quickly gaining worldwide attention. Gravitate towards occupations related to intensive communication with people.

Recommended profession:top Manager, politician, salesman, sales representative, tour. Agent, actor, insurance agent, administrator, principal, headmaster, teacher

2367 – Lyric

You people thinking rather than action. You are inconvenienced by everyday routine. Love nature, art; possess high intelligence and a delicate sense of beauty. Very tolerant of human weakness. Able to listen, to comfort. Best profession in which the object of labour is not material: psychology and psychotherapy, literature, and art. You can become an excellent teacher: thoughtful, responsive, able to look «deep».

Recommended profession: psychologist, art critic, historian, artist, musician, teacher, actor, copywriter, translator, Museum worker.

2368 – the Inspirer

You are extremely perceptive, literally see through people. In this case you are resourceful, witty, sincere are to others and have a deep fascination. Hardly transfer loneliness, communication is necessary to you as air. You have many Hobbies which are constantly changing. Don’t like monotonous work, you need a constant influx of new experiences. Have high living tone, you can not sit still. Perfect for you will work with extensive contact with people.

The recommendede profession: psychologist, journalist, actor, PR specialist, advertising specialist, teacher, interpreter, tour guide, teacher of early development, HR Manager, sales Manager.

2457 – Master

You’re a man of action rather than reflection. You Thrifty, creative, able to work with my hands. In professional activities differ in efficiency and thoroughness. Love to travel and relax in nature. Your strengths: observant, good memory for detail, dexterity, agility, good orientation in space. You will do well in any practical activity.

Recommended profession:pilot, racing driver, fireman, paramedic, midwife, chef, cobbler, jeweler, designer, carpenter, florist, seamstress, accountant, mechanic, masseuse, chiropractor, veterinarian.

2458 – Leader

You possess a strong will and organizational skills. Gambling, risk-prone. Gravitate to solving large-scale problems, able to manage a large enterprise. In an emergency, cold-blooded . Easily respond to requests for assistance. Observant, have good logical thinking. Thanks to their penetrative abilities, are easily beaten out in leaders. Not afraid of responsibility, strive for high status.

Recommended profession:plant Manager, top Manager, pilot, military, fireman, rescuer, superintendent, investigator, captain, Builder, athlete, paramedic

2467 Critic

You are cautious and mistrustful. Don’t like the hustle and bustle. Often hesitate in making decisions. You have well developed intuition, you can easily predict future events. Possess a powerful intellect and an excellent memory. You can call a walking encyclopedia. Most of you are interested in the cognitive and theoretical. You have a brilliant mind for solving complex and intricate problems.

Recommended profession: programmer, web master, network administrator, business analyst, geneticist, biophysicist, chemist, investigator, psychiatrist, neurologist, mathematician, historian, philosopher, banker.

2468 – Innovator

You are extremely energetic person. New and unusual attracts you. Most often your interests lie in the field of natural Sciences. You have a well developed associative thinking, you can think of a lot of offbeat ideas. Strive for knowledge, have a rich imagination.

Recommended profession: entrepreneur, journalist, advertising Manager, marketing Manager, development Director, programmer.

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