School for parents: in anticipation of a second child

The birth of a child brings happiness into the house, gives meaning to the life of a woman. She becomes a mother, is responsible, has a lot to give in order to get the happiness that brings the joy of motherhood. The first child opens the gate to another world entirely and not having time to look around and understand how it all «works», a woman waits to light its second son.

В ожидании второго чуда

Fear, confusion, sense of helplessness is replaced by the happiness of expecting a new family member. In the mind of the future mother of many issues. How to cope? As you learn to manage your time, allocate cases that it sufficed for two children? After all, when the age difference in children this insignificant, attention and love they need equally much. Do not be afraid. Nature has created an unusually strong woman, and if she sends the test-then surely she can handle them.

First you need to prepare mentally. The first serious test for mom ready to give birth is the hospital, parting with an older child for a few days, because before that the kid hardly had to part with mother. The best tool in this situation acts as Pope. Need to try during pregnancy to bring your baby to the father. It can be walks together (without mom), games, sleeping for the night. The child should feel equal participation of both parents. So, in the absence of one of them, he will feel safe.

The second face mother is the acquaintance of the older kid with the younger. Here don t underestimate children, being a year-old child, it would seem, he did not notice the passion of a new family member, does it not. Appears childish jealousy, which is very simple with the right approach to turn into love and affection. Give your baby more opportunities to get acquainted with a newborn, show how they are both so dear and important. Bring your child to work on newborn care, bathing, youngest, let him feel like starenkim, necessary, and most importantly, no less loved than before. Over time, the child adapts to the new environment. You can love and adopt a baby brother or sister. And even will not present myself without him.

With the right training with the first days of a child’s life, parents will have the family you’ve always dreamed of all my life.

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