What is the proper upbringing of children in the family?

Child rearing is one of the most important goals for parents. This will depend on his future life, what kind of person he will grow and what place will occupy in society.

 Воспитание детей в семье

Any parents want their child to grow up well-mannered man, and it was essential to exert a lot of effort. First of all, the parents themselves must set a good example to your child. A parent is required to be polite and honest, kind and sympathetic, understanding and friendly person, if he wants his child to be the same.

Some parents do not adhere to such rules, and as a result the child repeats the same behavior and then the parents wonder why their child does not behave appropriately. The older generation must set a good example, otherwise education will have no meaning.

The process of raising a child is a very long and laborious. It includes many factors such as: politeness towards others, self-confidence, responsibility for their actions and much more.

First of all, parents should be consistent in the upbringing of the child. Any promotion or prohibition of any actions should be repeated every day. If this does not perform, then the child will understand that rules are optional, and will begin to break them.

It is very important to encourage the child for any achievements and success in what he loves to do. Thus he will understand that he is good at it and begin more earnestly to do what he likes. So it is possible to choose a hobby or even a future profession for your child.

Of course, promotion is an important aspect in the upbringing of the child, but the punishment must also be present. If it is not used, the child will not understand what to do and why. But it is important to choose an adequate punishment. This should be commensurate with his act. Child in any case can not be intimidated and raise only cry, because it can lead to disastrous consequences.

It is very important to give the child a certain independence in their actions. In some moments you can give him a choice, and if he is wrong, the child will understand it and will learn from their mistakes. Such autonomy in selecting next will lead to confidence in their actions and responsibility for their actions.

Self-confidence is an essential trait of any person, and to lay it in the child, require considerable effort.

In no event it is impossible to compare your child with others because it can form the wrong opinion about others and ourselves. Better to compare him with who he was yesterday and is today. This will help him understand how to behave in certain situations.

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