Nordic nature

Нордический характер

Representatives of the Nordic race or as they are called Nordica or Nordik are part of the Caucasoid race. Swedish scientist Professor Anders Retzius first introduced the concept of «Nordic nature». After many researched this race, finding the relationship between North people appearance and their character.

What do you mean Nordic?

Many residents of Slavic countries learned about the concept of Nordic character after the television film «Seventeen moments of spring». In particular, the dossier of the member of the German military intelligence Stirlitz contained the wording: «Nordic Character, persistent». Yes and the other Nazis met the definitions of a true German, Mature, brave, firm, etc. the Term Nordic race ideologists of national socialism was identified with the term «Aryan race» to which they associate themselves with and contrasted to all others, particularly the Semitic race.

With aged Nordic character in the eyes of the Aryans should always be combined with specific external data. As you know, Nord translates as «North», it is not surprising that persons of Nordic race in the majority are tall, slender figure, light skin and blonde hair, often wavy. Face such people is elongated, the nose prominent and straight, the chin is angular, and his eyes light grey or blue.

Those who want to know what means Nordic nature, is to respond that people with such an appearance, suitable for living in harsh, cold climates, and had relevant temperamental traits. They are cold, not only externally but also internally, are resistant, prudence, restraint, composure, inflexibility and firmness in their principles and judgements.

Possible prospects with this feature

It should be noted that those with true Nordic nature in its pure form simply does not exist. As never was and never will be the Aryan race, created by the authors of racial theories. The national socialists attributed to their leaders – Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and other most worthy, dear and noble quality, but in fact they were people cruel, unbalanced, evil and mentally ill. However, those who in varying degrees are present the traits of the strict Nordic character can achieve a lot in life. Calm, prudence, patience and will power is very necessary for managers and entrepreneurs, business owners, etc.

External stability and the ability to analyze situations and forecasting of events more than once helped famous people with such character find a way out of most difficult situations. Features of Nordic temperament was typical of Lomonosov, Fonvizin, Krylov, etc. In your family life and love such people also succeed, because only adjusting to the partner, respecting him and being able to hear and listen, you can live a long and happy married life. People who can control their feelings and emotions, is in harmony with oneself and others. With such warmth even in extreme cold, comfortable and safe.

Therefore, we can only envy those who have the traits of a Nordic temperament. By the way, the notorious scientist and designer Sergei Korolev was considered a must for candidates in cosmonauts along with excellent health, diligence and endurance.

Нордический характер   

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