Uterine fibroids — the dimensions for operations in millimetres

Миома матки - размеры для операции в миллиметрахUterine fibroids — a benign formation in the reproductive organ that are characterized by rapid growth and an increase in uterine size. It is because most often women are faced with this problem, interested in the question as to what sizes of fibroids of the uterus dangerous and how much in mm should it be for surgery. Let’s try to understand these issues.

Classified as uterine size?

It should be noted that the small size of the tumor, as a rule, only require medical supervision, drug therapy and estimate the volume of education in the dynamics.

In the diagnosis of the disease in the first place, pay attention to the size of the fibroids. It is usually calculated in mm and match the size of the organ, increased when the disease that a pregnancy. It is because often a woman undergoing ultrasound examination from the doctor hears: «4 weeks, 5 weeks».

Depending on the size of the tumor, decided to allocate:

  • small fibroid — the size of the tumor does not exceed 20 mm While uterus corresponds to 4-5 weeks pregnant;
  • average — from 20 to 60 mm. With this amount of education is talking about the period from 5 weeks to 11;
  • large fibroids — more than 60 mm, or 12 or more weeks.

It is worth noting that even when large amounts of education women are not always aware of its presence in the body. Often it is detected during routine inspection and ultrasound.

However, in most cases women with such disorder have increased duration and abundance of menstruation, which are also accompanied by painful sensations. With larger fibroids showed increase in volume of the abdomen, while the total mass of the body remains unchanged. Can also occur disruption to nearby organs and systems. Thus there is a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen. Often there is an increase in the number of urination, just as it occurs during the childbearing.

How to treat fibroids?

There are 2 fundamentally different ways of treatment of the disease: conservative and radical. In the first case is the treatment of disease using medications, and the second performed the operation.

Many women are afraid of surgical treatment, ask what dimensions of the uterine fibroids do surgery. It must be said that in addition to the dimensions there are other indications for surgical intervention:

  • there is a risk of degeneration of education into a malignant form;
  • planning pregnancy in the near future;
  • pronounced pain;
  • the presence of anemia in pathological bleeding;
  • violation of the process of urination;
  • the existence of nodes.

Speaking specifically about the sizes of uterine fibroids for the surgery she needs to be in mm not less than 40-50. As for allowable sizes of uterine fibroids, localized on the neck, its size should not exceed 12 weeks.

What are the dangers of uterine fibroids of large size and what to do with this breach?

In most cases, women who have been diagnosed with a tumor of small size, in no hurry to undergo surgery. However, their hopes are that hormonal therapy will solve the problem. However, this is possible only in the initial stages of the disease. Moreover, often doctors say that when hormone therapy the size of fibroids does not increase, but when you stop and acceptance and the growth of education.

Speaking about the consequences of the disease, you must call:

  • an increased risk of developing inflammation of the kidneys;
  • the transition of benign tumors to malignant;
  • continued growth and compression of the organs;
  • infertility.Миома матки - размеры для операции в миллиметрах

In uterine fibroids of large size, the intervention by laparoscopy impossible. The operation is performed through the abdominal wall. It is also worth noting that the treatment of uterine fibroids of large size without surgery is almost impossible.

Women who applied quite late for help, often interested in the question concerning under what size fibroids the uterus is removed. As a rule, a similar operation is performed when this body takes up almost all retroperitoneal space and puts pressure on neighbouring authorities to such an extent that in some cases the woman becomes hard to breathe.


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