Moss for aquarium

Мох для аквариума

Those who want to engage in the content of fish tank, you must know that to buy a glass vessel, equipped with oxygen system, pour water and run the fish – that’s not all. The interior decor has not been canceled. The aquarium brought in the first place for beauty, so you should try to besides the beautiful fish there were more and greener plants, which, incidentally, are not only a decor element, but also a useful food for the inhabitants.

The mosses for the aquarium, by their nature, are undemanding plants. They do not require special lighting conditions, fertilizer, frequent transplanting, and more. In addition, such plants can be used in the vessel of any capacity. They are updated independently, i.e., reproduction by spores, instead of the old plants in the same place grows a new one. And undemanding mosses in the aquarium are the perfect refuge for its inhabitants.

Kinds of undemanding moss for aquarium

In order to make it easier to determine the plant that you want to put in your aquarium, we present in the article are some species of mosses to him.

  • Riccia floating. Representatives of its kind, this instance is the simplest. This kind of moss for aquarium provides the perfect backdrop bottom and a refuge for fry. Normal color of the plant green. If it changes to brown – red, this indicates unfavorable conditions for him.
  • Мох для аквариума

  • Moss riccardia. This moss-for aquarium is representative of a very hardy species of aquatic plants, as they are able to live even in tap water. Is a great filter. The only condition for living is richardii observe the temperature from 18 to 24°C.
  • Мох для аквариума

  • Moss Phoenix. Fluffy and beautiful plant, growing carpeted cover. The leaves of this unpretentious moss for aquarium resemble the tail of a mythical bird Phoenix, hence the name. Moss Phoenix, will be a wonderful decoration foreground of your aquarium.
  • Мох для аквариума


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