Lobelia basket «Sapphire»

Лобелия ампельная «Сапфир»

As soon as summer time begins on the balconies and loggias of the apartments you can see the unusual blue clouds is a basket Lobelia varieties «Sapphire». This plant is perennial, but in the middle zone, it can not tolerate winter, but because it is propagated by seed. To indulge in this gorgeous flower will need very little effort.

Growing basket Lobelia Sapphire seeds

Since the process of sowing and subsequent care of flowers basket Lobelia Sapphire long enough, it is possible to begin planting in late January. If you do not waste time, then in June and before the start of winter, you can enjoy small blue flowers, gathered in a weightless cloud shoots up to 45 cm in length.

To be sure in the germination of the seed, it is necessary to buy in checked shops. Well-known Agrofirm «Aelita», which Packed a basket seeds Lobelia Sapphire in special bags, and guarantees the quality of its product.

Lobelia seeds are tiny – little more than a speck of dust. To evenly distribute them over the surface of the soil, they are mixed with river sand. The soil for seedlings should be light, but without the admixture of peat, as this plant is in the presence of nitrogen in the soil is rapidly increasing the green mass at the expense of flowering. Seeds with sand spread over the surface, not buried.

Lobelia seeds gave sprouts need intense lighting and temperature less than 20°C. above the Box covered with glass or transparent film and put on warm, Sunny windowsill. No less than the sun for the seeds of important soil moisture. After sowing, moisten it with a spray bottle, and continuously monitor her condition, not allowing to dry out.

In 1-2 weeks there are the first thick shoots, and after 2-3 seedlings can be thinned out. It is advisable to repot the plant immediately several things to basket Bush was more voluminous. The seedlings all during the growing season requires high soil moisture, can withstand temperatures of about 15°C.


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