Planting seeds of pepper seedlings

Посадка семян перца на рассаду

The vegetables grown with your own hands, have a unique taste, with which nothing can compare. To get a decent crop, you need a great seedlings. This, primarily, relates to such a capricious vegetable, like pepper. One more thing – often a farmer after planting the seedlings of sweet pepper can be found in the summary of the plot of bitter rows. Enjoy this little, which is why many people decide to do the seeding yourself. If you are new to this, we will explain how to plant peppers on the seedlings.

When is the best time to plant pepper seedlings?

The timing must be agreed with in what month you are going to plant seedlings in open ground. For example, for landing in may, seeds are sown in February-March. Early varieties of peppers are in February, provided there is sufficient daylight. For late varieties, the optimal time is mid-late March.

Preparing chilli seeds and soil for seedlings

Pepper seeds are pre-placed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or fungicide. The procedure is performed to half an hour, after which the planting material should be put in a container with a wet towel or piece of fabric. Carry the seeds where the temperature fluctuates between +24+25 degrees. When seeds are to arise, can be planting them in the ground.

If we talk about the soil for the seedlings of pepper is suitable, you can easily buy ready-made at the store. It is easy to prepare the substrate and with their hands out of sand, peat and humus in the same proportion.

Planting seeds of pepper seedlings

To sow chilli seeds in one container or immediately into small cups. In the first embodiment, as plant growth will need to pick the individual pots and the second transplant into a large container. In any case, the planting pepper seedlings produced very carefully, for the convenience of tweezers, a short distance from each other (up to 2cm). Then the plant material is necessary to carefully cover a layer of soil thickness of not more than 1.5 cm then «garden» watered slowly so that the seeds are not washed away. Capacity needs to be covered with glass or film and move to a warm place. The coating is removed as soon as it becomes visible the first shoots.

Brief about caring for pepper seeds

Capacity with seedlings should be placed in a room where the air temperature ranges from +16 to+20 degrees. This is favourable for the growth of young seedlings temperature. The location should be Sunny. Perhaps on cloudy days, which are rich in changeable March, have to use additional lighting. Otherwise the seedlings will stretch and weaken.

If we talk about how often to water the seedlings of peppers, it is worth considering that this vegetable crop like moisture. However, the pepper is that it should be watered frequently, but in small quantities. It is important that the leaves of the plants did not get water droplets.
Once your seedlings will appear the third or fourth true leaf of young plants dive, that is, transplanted into individual pots.

Посадка семян перца на рассаду

In addition, twice during the whole period of growing seedlings fed. First fertilizer application is needed 7-10 days after picking. You can use nitrophoska, for which 1 tablespoon of the substance was diluted in 10 liters of water. Another option for those who do not accept chemicals, is a solution of mullein. One part of the fertilizer is diluted with 10 parts water.

For the lazy developed by special compound fertilizers, which need to be diluted with water according to the instructions. This, for example, «Signor Tomato», «Rastvorin», «Agricola», and many others.


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