Charcoal grill

Угольный гриль

Fresh air, great company and flavorful meat – all this is an accurate description magnificent outdoor recreation. Fortunately, today there are many tools that make cooking kebabs and other dishes comfortable and fast. The charcoal grill is one of them.

Charcoal grill for garden – advantages and disadvantages

Have a charcoal grill, like the grill, heating is generated by burning solid fuel. It is the hot coals provide the heat, which is cooking meat or vegetables. However, the main advantage of charcoal grill – a cover which can be used in rainy weather. In addition, inside the device there is a high temperature, which helps to save fuel and cooking time.

In addition, a BBQ grill will allow you to not only enjoy the barbecue and the brisket on the bone, but smoked fish or tender steak. And due to the use of coal, the taste of the dishes, it is just incredible, because they prescribed a light and pleasant scent of «smoke».

The convenience of a coal grill is its mobility, as opposed to, say, from electric models. The same thing can be said, if to talk about which grill is better gas or charcoal. You don’t have to mess with gas bottle, constantly tucking it in.

True, there is a minus, but it is not significant: after the burning of coal remains as ash, which must be removed from the bottom of the device.

How to choose the charcoal grill?

Criteria for choice of grill on the corner lot. Fundamental is the quality of metal used in the device. The wall thickness shall be not less than 2 mm, otherwise the grill will quickly burn out, and you have to throw it. The best material is stainless steel or ceramics. Meet cast iron products. Speaking about the grille, it is made of stainless Угольный грильsteel and cast iron.

If we talk about size, the focus is on own needs. If you plan to enjoy the taste of meat only on your own site, you can purchase multi-functional stationary model. For trips it is better to give preference to small models with low weight, easy to transport.

If you need charcoal wood BBQ grill, choose a model with adjustable height grille.

As for the shape, modern manufacturers encouraging diversity: standard round, traditional rectangular or ovoid original.


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