Automatic tent

Автоматическая палатка

Going on a long hike or fishing with an overnight stay in the nearest river, for recreation and protection from bad weather will need a tent. As you know, the less the weight of the Luggage, the more pleasant will be outing. Because experienced travellers suggest to use automatic travel tent that has a small weight, compact size and very simple to fold and unfold.

The advantages of automatic camping tent

In contrast to the conventional automatic tent is very light – its weight is about one kilogram. This is especially relevant if you are traveling on foot rather than by car. As a rule, such tent is made of high quality materials and will last a long time with proper storage and use.

Automatic tent consists of two layers of material that do not allow inside neither wind nor rain. But if the weather is hot, you can half-fold the outer layer, which will be net to protect from insects. Well and the main advantage, which is appreciated, and such tents, it is quick, almost instantaneous unfolding.

Auto how to fold the tent?

As already mentioned, the Assembly and disassembly of the automatic tent is very fast. To start you will need to remove the cover with the tent and carefully put it on the ground. Depending on the design of the device in some cases it may be necessary to first bend from the center rails and pull the rope that is fastened at the top of the automation. One motion get up the folded out tent. Now you only have to strengthen the axis by the edges of the pegs to keep the structure from where the wind blows.

The tent is formed similarly, but in reverse order – first the rails bend in towards the center, and then fold the tent. The metal structural elements are not rusted, after the hike you want them to thoroughly clean and dry and then folded for storage.

Автоматическая палатка

Automatic winter tent

This variety also exists, but is somewhat different from camping. It is smaller in size and has Windows that are resistant to frost bottom. She has no special mechanism designed to keep the dome as the other tents. Here in sewn edges metal arches, which are automatically deployed as soon as the tent is removed from the case.

That tent served for a long time, you will need to practice in folding. After all, if it is wrong to combine side, metal spokes cannot deform and the whole point of such a tent will be lost.


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