Going on a hike or fishing, we first recall the tent. Without it it is difficult to imagine an outing with an overnight stay, and even ice fishing – even more so. Many take no ordinary tent, and automatic. This thing has long passed from the category of new products in the category of necessities for the true connoisseurs of comfortable rest. So, let’s learn about what a modern tent-machine and what are the criteria for its selection.

Despite some differences, all the automatic tents have the same structure: a resilient frame with it attached to the awning. Usually, this tent has a rounded shape.

The advantages and disadvantages of samoreklama tents-automatic

Buying a tent is automatic, you will be able by personal experience to evaluate its pros:

  • the first and most obvious one is the ability to quickly disassemble the tent. This is done thanks to a clever design within just a few seconds, and without any effort on your part. This tent will be very handy for those anglers who ice fish or use a balancer. To assemble the tent-a machine, usually a bit longer, but you will quickly learn this is simple action;
  • most automatic tents are lightweight and have covers with straps, thanks to which they can comfortably carry on your back like a backpack;
  • the cost of automatic tents also will be pleased with. Of course, there are expensive models, but they are basically tents brands, besides designed for a big company.

If we talk about the shortcomings – and they have tents also available, like any other commodity – it is a fast contamination of the floor, if the tent is set up on the earth, and the possibility of freezing of the bottom of the tent to the ice due to melting of snow during winter fishing. And there is always the danger of running into a defective product (usually of Chinese origin).

As you can see, the benefits samorastekayushchikhsya tents are much bigger than their shortcomings. Now find out what are the tent-machine.

How to choose a tent-machine?

There are many models of automatic tents, each of which has its own characteristics. All of them can be divided into several groups, which correspond to the selection criteria of the tent-machine:

  • First of all, you need to determine the size of the tent. It can be calculated as per person and a large company of 5-6 anglers. But the most popular, of course, are universal models that can accommodate 2-3 people. Choosing the accessory for fishing or hikes, think carefully about this point, so not to regret too small or unnecessarily large tent.
  • Quick-Assembly tent-the machine can be designed for both winter fishing and summer. Choice summer version is much simpler: in fact, it is a common travel or camping tent, to which no special requirements. With regard to winter models, they are more dense the material the awning, which hasПалатка-автомат properties such as water resistance and strength. Also very important is narodowosci the tent by the wind, because otherwise it will be just useless. High quality material of the tent designed for winter fishing, will keep her warm, but inside the «room» will not gather condensation.
  • The most popular models of automatic tents are the products of such brands as «Ranger», «Envision», «Hudson», «Beziers», «LOTOS» etc. They have a good ratio of price and quality and will be a great purchase or gift.

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