The sperm Bank

Банк спермыUnder «sperm Bank» is commonly understood as a kind of repository into which are placed selected donor ejaculate and stored at low temperature. In the future, the sperm can be used for the treatment of infertility which is caused as a violation of women’s health and the condition of the body men. In this case, use the following types of assisted reproductive manipulations: in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination.

How does a sperm Bank?

This kind of instance is usually organized at public health facilities or at private clinics for reproductive medicine.

Before you donate a sample of his ejaculate, a man is prescribed a lot of research, the purpose of which is the exclusion of chronic infections in reproductive system. In particular, biochemical analysis of blood, urine, a swab from the urethra.

After the results of studies that prove that chronic foci were not revealed, the man will be the appointed time for delivery of a sample of ejaculate.

On the specified day and time a donor comes to the clinic where he was given a container to collect the ejaculate. However, she is already marked, — in a specified capacity in the combination of numbers encoded all information about the donor and the donation. Typically, the fence is carried by Masturbation.

After obtaining a sample of ejaculate, it is subjected to microscopic examination. In doing so, the evaluation of germ cells, emphasizing their structure, appearance, motility and total count. If all these parameters are in the normal range, semen send on ice.

The vessel with the sample of semen is placed in cryoconservation, pre-adding the so-called protectors, are substances that reduce the degree of negative impact of low temperatures on the sex cells. It allows you to store them for as long as necessary.

According to generally accepted standards of reproductive medicine, the ejaculate must undergo six-month quarantine in the Bank of sperm donors, and only after that can be used to fertilize the eggs.

What are the benefits of using donor sperm?

According to statistical data, about 15-25% of couples living on the territory of the CIS, sterile. They most often are clients of the sperm Bank.

Resorting to the services of the clinic of reproductive medicine, which has its own coldstore, the spouses receive some assurance that they will be picked up the best biomaterial.

So, in the majority of clinics in the donor profile, in addition to the standard parameters (height, weight, eye color, etc.) to contain also information about the psychological characteristics of the donor, his professional abilities. In addition, every man, before taking a sample of semen for storage, have wide genetic study. The obtained information allows to establish the prevalence of Банк спермыhereditary painful relatives and the relatives of the donor. Must include information about those violations that can directly indulge the child. Such protection measures allow to minimize the probability of development of a baby hereditary diseases.

Thus, as can be seen from the article, the Bank of sperm for IVF is a solution for those couples that can’t have kids on their own. Moreover, many such clinics not only carry out the procedure of fertilization, but also provide a full range of medical services, until the delivery.


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