The first month of pregnancy — that is possible, what is impossible?

Первый месяц беременности - что можно, что нельзя?When did you first know that are expecting a baby, it usually causes a lot of positive emotions. But they are often mixed with anxiety, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Usually women are afraid to hurt the baby and wonder what kind of lifestyle they now lead. So consider what you can do, and what not in the first month of pregnancy.

Useful advice to future mothers

Usually, the baby in her tummy quite well protected from external factors. But to know what can and cannot be done in early pregnancy it is still necessary to avoid unnecessary problems. It should heed the following advice if you want to have a healthy son or daughter:

  • Visit your doctor, even if you feel well. At the first sign of a threat to the fetus he will prescribe an ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy. In addition, even healthy women are encouraged to get basic blood and urine tests to detect hidden problems in your body. Therefore it is not necessary on the advice of her friends who supposedly know better what can and what cannot in the first weeks of pregnancy, to delay the visit to gynecologist.
  • Get plenty of rest. Now your body adapts to new condition, and in need of additional relaxation. Try to eliminate stressful situations: if you have a stressful job, do not hesitate to contact the authorities and ask to transfer you temporarily to another position or part-time. Usually, experts mention that can in the first months of pregnancy, I advise you to visit yoga courses for expectant mothers or to perform relaxation exercises with soft music playing at home.
  • If you start to ache and fill the chest, do not neglect a specially designed bra for pregnant women: this will help to avoid stretch marks.
  • Studying the question of what can and cannot be done in the early stages of pregnancy, the doctors came to the conclusion that the expectant mother is strictly not allowed to smoke, to drink alcohol and you also need to take any medication without consulting with your doctor.
  • Sometimes during this period, dramatically increases the amount of vaginal discharge. If they are transparent or white, but without the unpleasant smell, hit Первый месяц беременности - что можно, что нельзя?the alarm, but need to carefully observe personal hygiene, preferably with child soap, as the safest cosmetics.
  • Adjust your food intake. From the very first weeks of pregnancy should find out what you can and cannot eat. Eat more buckwheat, oat and wheat porridge, but semolina and rice should be deleted. Fruits and vegetables are also necessary, but in reasonable quantities. But store-bought non-natural sweets, pasta, roasted potatoes, it’s better not to get involved. Sometimes you need a special intake of vitamin complexes.

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