How the baby before birth?

Как ведет себя ребенок перед родами?Every expectant mother eagerly awaits the moment when it will be possible to go to the hospital, because some time after this her life will be extraordinarily happy event – the birth of a baby. Although there are many different signs that can help a pregnant woman determine the baby coming approaching, often future moms come to the hospital too early and are therefore forced again to go home.

To understand whether the baby is soon going to be born, in most cases it is enough to pay attention to his behavior. In this article, we’ll show you how you must behave in a child before birth, and that is a sign of trouble and cause for immediate treatment to the doctor.

The behavior of children before birth?

The main sign of approaching baby coming is the time when the expectant mother down the abdomen. Meanwhile, normally it happens 2-3 weeks before the onset of the happy event, so thinking about the administration in a nursing home can be very early.

However, it was at this time changed the nature of the movements of the baby. This is because now the bones of the hips of the expectant mother record the position of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid decreases, causing the child can not actively move in the tummy like before.

However, this does not mean that during this period the woman in «interesting» position will not feel the movements of his future son or daughter. In contrast, stirring the crumbs now become periodic, but it is much stronger than before. Often pregnant women have reported that 1-2 weeks before the birth they had experienced intense tremors that cause pain and discomfort in various parts of the abdomen, and frequent urination.

In the future, as we approach childbirth, the frequency of such perturbations will decrease with each passing day, as growth and other biometric indicators of the baby are growing rapidly, and it becomes extremely crowded in the womb.

In some cases, expectant mothers, the question arises, is this normal, if the child behaves before birth just as before. In fact, if the baby is active enough, this does not mean that something is wrong. On the contrary, usually it is a sign of preparedness and the outrage of the crumbs, although this situation often confuses new moms.

Most doctors agree that if the behavior of the child before birth does not change and he remains quite active, this helps the generic process, because the labor would better feel his child and on a subconscious level to understand, what exactly wants her daughter or son.

Therefore, do not be afraid, if your future offspring actively moving in the abdomen, despite the late term of pregnancy. Probably the kid’s are very small, so it is quite roomy and comfortable to be in the womb. At the same time, the threat signal can be an unexpected and sharp increase in the frequency of perturbations. In this situation you need to remain calm and to wait a little longer, but if the crumbs do not fall, it is better to consult a doctor.

Как ведет себя ребенок перед родами?If a child, on the contrary, becomes extremely sluggish, and the expectant mother feels it less than 6 times a day or does not feel them at all, you should see a doctor, as this may indicate heart failure of the fetus and other dangerous situations.

Overall, the number of measurable perturbations of the baby shortly before birth should be 48 to 50 per day. However, it should be understood that the body of each pregnant woman is different, so this figure is very approximate. To be sure everything is OK with your little one, when any changes to the character of its movements, call your doctor, no matter what, keep calm.


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