How to asceticise after birth?

Как расцедиться после родов?As soon as the baby is born, it must be properly and fully fed. Meanwhile, from the breast of a young mother in this period is allocated only a small amount of colostrum is colorless and odorless, which is not different enough fat content to further feed your baby. That’s why girls and women, recently experienced the joy of motherhood, often wondering how to asceticise after delivery by hand or by breast pump.

How to asceticise after birth?

In fact, the vast majority of health professionals agree that the only way by which you can rassudit mammary glands, is the timely and correct attachment of baby to mother’s breast. The first time it must be done immediately after the end of the generic process, with no exception and to extract the baby from the womb of the mother had to resort to cesarean section.

In the future, the crumbs should first request to attach to the breast. When the baby is satiated and will refuse to eat, the remains of valuable fluid it is necessary to decant to completely empty. If you do it by hand, you first need to study carefully the inner surface of both Breasts in a circular motion with warm hands, thereby increasing the flow of milk toward the areola. Then, gently press your fingers on the areola, directing them to the nipple, and gradually to Express milk as long as it does not cease to stand out.

Как расцедиться после родов?To have this kind of procedure can be quite difficult, so some young mothers use manual and electronic breast pumps, whose operation is based on the use of vacuum. Although these devices considerably facilitate participation of women, in some cases, they can cause harm, so before applying you should consult with your doctor.

To after expression in mammary glands began to flow freely, a new portion of milk, the breast is better not to cover in 10-15 minutes. In addition, to enhance the production of valuable fluids you need to constantly drink warm tea throughout the day.


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