Infant formulas without palm oil – the list

Детские смеси без пальмового масла – списокWe all know that the perfect food for baby is breast milk, but unfortunately, not all women have the opportunity to feed the baby this incredibly valuable and nutritious liquid. Despite this, every young mother wants to give their newborn child the best of everything, including, pertains to the choice of infant formula.

Today, in most stores you can find wide range of breast-milk substitutes. In the production of many of them as the source of fat used is palm oil, which, according to some pediatricians, may harm the health of newborn babies.

Based on the results of various clinical studies, the addition of this component in the composition of baby food increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and, moreover, significantly reduces the absorption of calcium by the body tiny. Since this mineral is very important for babies, many moms decide to give preference to children’s dairy mixes without palm oil, the list of which we present in this article.

What mixture are made without palm oil?

The production of breast-milk substitutes for newborns engaged in a huge number of different companies around the world. Meanwhile, only a small part of them does not add to the composition of their products, this harmful component. Below you will find a list of which mixture is produced without the use of palm oil. So, this material does not contain products of the following brands:

  • The similac;
  • Nestle;
  • Nannie;
  • Nutricia;
  • Mamex.

All other manufacturers always add in the mix for newborn babies and older kids, palm oil of varying degrees of purification.

In the line of all these brands are quite many different products, each designed for feeding babies of a certain age, so choose a suitable mixture among them usually is not difficult. In addition, there are products for children with special needs.

In particular, if the kid is prone to allergic reactions, it may be suitable hypoallergenic formulas without palm oil listed in the following list:

  • The Hypoallergenic similac for babies of different ages;
  • hypoallergenic a therapeutic blend of Nestle Alfare Allergy or Amino;
  • Nutricia neocate the LCP for babies from birth and Nutricia of Neocate advance for children with.

For babies with lactase deficiency it is better to prefer lactose-free formula without palm oil, such as: «Similac Isomil», «Nutricia Nutrizon» or «Nutricia Lactose Almiron».

Детские смеси без пальмового масла – списокFermented milk mixture to the list of products without palm oil is not included, so if you need instead usually opting for «Similac comfort».

Finally, for kids without special needs, you can choose any mix from the following list:

  • The similac, Similac Premium corresponding to age;
  • Nannie based on goat milk;
  • Nestle Peptamen and Clinutren Junior for feeding babies year;
  • Plus Mamex Infant Formula.


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