How to get a baby to sleep without rocking?

Как уложить ребенка спать без укачивания?The question of how to put the baby to sleep without rocking, at some point there is almost in every family. Of course, at first this process seems quite natural, but when the weight of the baby reaches 8-10 pounds, it becomes extremely tedious and even dangerous to the health of a young mother.

That is why all parents sooner or later decide not to download your child at bedtime, however, they face many challenges. The kid who a long time used to fall asleep only with the help of this method, just don’t understand how you can sleep differently. Newborn babies are incredibly sensitive to any changes in their life, so such innovations parents they can meet fierce resistance.

The most loving and caring mom and dad can’t stand too loud and long cry of their baby, which occurs if they try to put him to sleep without motion, so again you start doing it as before. Meanwhile, it should be understood that in further to swing the baby will become much more difficult, however, as well as wean him from this tedious process.

In this article we will tell you how without rocking to sleep of a newborn baby, not to inflict severe psychological trauma, but to achieve a healthy and sound sleep and significantly reduce the load on the spine and musculoskeletal system of a young mother.

How to put babies to sleep without rocking?

First of all, you need to create a sequence of rituals by which little will be able to understand that it is almost time for sleep. For example, you may every evening at the same time to do the kid a light relaxing massage, then feed breast milk or special milk mixture, then change into pajamas, read a story or sing a lullaby, causing the baby gradually goes to sleep.

Of course, the first time the last action will be carried out simultaneously with the motion sickness, but gradually the importance of this element will decrease. When the baby starts to associate all the other rituals of falling asleep from the monotonous rocking motion will be dropped.

Please note that if you made such a decision, to deviate from it in any case impossible. Otherwise you will only confuse your child up, he will not be able to understand what you want from him, and would get upset even more. Don’t be afraid of crying and aggression on the part of his son or daughter, because you are not forcing him to do something impossible. Falling asleep independently is a completely natural process that is available to any person, regardless of his age.

As a rule, the first attempts to put toddler to sleep thus take quite a long time. If your kid is struggling with his resistance already more than 50-60 minutes, once again repeat the ritual of bedtime. No matter how difficult it was to put the baby to sleep without rocking, eventually it will succeed, and your child not only fall asleep independently, but will sleep a lot tougher than before.Как уложить ребенка спать без укачивания?

Most parents start «re-trained» his son or daughter in the late evening, when the body of the baby is already quite tired and naturally produces the sleep hormones. That is why evening attempts aimed at joint development of new skills that will be most productive.

However, when the baby learns to fall asleep independently in the evening hours, be sure to teach him to this day. To do it can be even harder, but the only way you will be able to convey to the child their new requirements.


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