The development of speech in children 3-4 years

Развитие речи у детей 3-4 летSome kids begin to talk after two years old and they can already boast, as it is clearly telling rhymes. But other still not very well say, even three years. Language development occurs in all different ways and in children of 3-4 years may differ significantly.

Norms of speech development of a child 3-4 years

So, as already mentioned, the rate of language development in 3-4 years for any individual, but they should not go far beyond the conventional. At this age children already speak sentences, consisting not of two but of five or six words. This is the most important and basic thing you should pay attention to the phrasal utterance.

If the proposals are monosyllabic, non-existent — time to sound the alarm, because three — four-kid clear delay in speech development (ZRR), which should not be confused with delayed General development. If the time to take action, consult a neurologist, speech therapist-defectologist, then very soon there will be positive dynamics in the speech development of a child 3-4 years old.

That should be able a child of this age should highlight the following:

  • The baby must fully understand the speech of an adult (father, mother).
  • Vocabulary to achieve the following three or four years becomes quite large and it contains not only nouns, but also adjectives, verbs and even prepositions and adverbs. Child 3-4 years always says, sets the most unusual and tricky questions – that’s why it’s called «age Levels».
  • In addition to speaking, he already knows all the basic colors – red, blue, yellow, green, features a great piece from a little and knows the difference between the circle and the square. But the numbers and letters at this age does not need to know that their time will come in 5-6 years.
  • Peculiarities of speech development in children 3-4 years

    Don’t expect three year olds perfect pronunciation, even if you really want. And let the neighbor Masha already talking like an adult, your child develops as inherent nature, but that does not mean that the process cannot be influenced. There are various techniques that allow speech to develop actively.

    Also that should be able to pronounce the child, there is something that he can afford not to be able, at least for now:

  • To perfectly constructed grammatically the word is still far away and the children are often confused, replace or lose the prefix, root or suffix, make the wrong accent. It is permissible for age 3-4 years, gradually the word will get the right kind. For example, the child may say, «we removem owl», «my leg hurts», «the good dog».
  • At three years old often have problems with the pronunciation of sibilants sh, Shch, CH, and other sounds s, W, C, R. in Addition, the syllable may be replaced, or some even being thrown out of their words. For example: visipad (bike), Masina (machine), Abaka (dog). So the distortion, omissions or incorrect use of these letters is the norm for young children.
  • The child may not speak particularly clearly, but understandable in the overall context of the language not only for relatives but for strangers.
  • Classes on language development in 3-4 years

    In addition to the well-known finger exercises and development of fine motor skills, which positively affect the development of speech, require special lessons in order to make the tongue more nimble.


    The child is the tip of the tongue depicts a pendulum, alternately taking one or the other corner of his mouth.

    «Paint the ceiling»

    The kid needs to imagine that his tongue is a painter who paints the ceiling, that is, performs a Развитие речи у детей 3-4 летmovement back and forth and from side to side across the sky.


    Not very loved by adults, but very useful game. The child would be happy to lick the plate after eating, as cats do. Thus, you train the small muscles involved in the pronunciation of sounds.

    In addition, you should write a list of words with problem sounds. They may be in the beginning and in the middle of a word. 10-15 minutes a day should be recited with the child these words, gradually improving pronunciation. These speech therapy sessions should occur daily, because only regular exercise can give a positive result.


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