Educational classes for children 5 years

Развивающие занятия для детей 5 летThe main activity of any child is a game. But closer to school it’s time of preparation and, therefore, for children 5-7 years essential developmental activities. That they bring pleasure to the child, hold them in a playful way.

And if they need developmental classes?

Some parents, especially if their child is not attending kindergarten, criticize all sorts of educational games and activities, because for kids 5 years, as they believe that such exercises are totally unnecessary and the child must be a child, because the parents themselves had grown up without it.

But this attitude is wrong, because often, an adult, nepolokivci in childhood the necessary basic knowledge, not fulfilled his potential, so in your whole life and not find yourself in your favorite business. And what could be sadder than day-to-day to go to the unloved work.

Therefore, in order to give your child a good start in life should be done with him at home developmental activities for children of 5 years, which must include:

  • physical education;
  • rhythm and dance;
  • creative art;
  • fine motor skills training;
  • the basics of mathematics;
  • the study of letters, syllables;
  • the development of spatial thinking;
  • the study of the world.

Charge or professional sports?

Children it is very important not only mental, but also physical development, because only in such tandem the development of new Sciences will take place harmoniously. It is not necessary to give the child on the box or in school gymnastics. If the child is not the love of the sport, you still need to perform daily morning exercises, which consists of simple active movements.

The same applies to dance. You can give the baby up for a spot of ballroom dancing, on the condition that they will like. But if this is not an option, the house still needs to develop the children’s sense of rhythm, including fun music and dancing along with him.


Modeling, painting, cutting out of colored paper, applique and many other activities aimed not only at improving the motor skills of the fingers and their dexterity, but also to broaden their horizons, concepts about the world.

If the child does not get molded, then surely he will find himself in a different field, for example, in the drawing. Fortunately, various kinds of creativity is enough. This paint brush, tooth brush using paint, finger art, and more.

Math for kids

To study is boring and confusing numbers is not very fun. But it is quite another thing when the entire process takes place in the game. Nothing will interest a child of five is more than a game form of communication.

«More-less». Will need a few identical objects (5 pieces) let this be counting sticks, cubes or details from the designer. Their spread on the table in a row and ask your child to look carefully and remember what he saw. Then the baby closes his eyes, and the adult removes or adds a few. The child’s task was to determine whether subjects more or less. Later, when he mastered the bill, you can guess how many was items. This game trains the memory, introduces basic mathematical terms and elementary actions on addition and subtraction.

«Count the objects». On the table laid out five toys and challenge your child to count them and then correctly post under each corresponding number.

«Scores». It is easy for children to remember the elementary examples on addition and subtraction using bright wooden accounts.

Learn letters

There are many modern methods of teaching children to read. Some of them involve starting dates in grudnichkovom age, but most are focused on 5-6 years. In Развивающие занятия для детей 5 летthis age it is best not to learn by heart all the letters of the alphabet in order, but first learn the basic vowels, then add consonants.

Once the child knows one consonant letter, it is already possible to connect in a syllable and practice podlogowe reading. It is important that such lessons were regular.

The development of thinking

To expand the horizons, development of memory and attention, very useful to read to a child, but not only fairy tales and children’s encyclopedias, and age-appropriate. In addition, memory training is very useful verses, memorizing which will have a positive impact in the first year of schooling.


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