What to give for a teenager’s birthday?

Что подарить подростку на день рождения?Giving gifts is loved by many, but sometimes choosing a present can be trapped, especially if the recipient is a teenager. Often, at this age children do not know what they want and their wants are changing at the speed of light. But clearly, it is not necessary to bring anything from school supplies – this gift is unlikely to cause the joy on his face.

What to give a teenage girl for birthday?

To approach the soul of the maiden is not easy. Each young lady has their dreams. Will try to make a rough sketch of what might please a girl:

  • set of cosmetics (lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, shadow);
  • perfumes;
  • headphones case for your tablet or smartphone, and in the absence of that — the gadget;
  • visit the fashion boutique teen clothing;
  • handbag-clutch;
  • a ticket to the concert of your favorite band;
  • professional photo shoot;
  • a soft toy, a bouquet of flowers and sweets.

Among the cool birthday presents for Teens can distinguish the original holders headphone, funny key chains for keys, original stick. A girl that cares about its image and appearance will be actual jewelry, which now can be chosen for any age group.

What to give a teenage boy for his birthday?

The boys are teenagers also love the original gift, but to please them a little bit easier — not so picky. So, depending on your budget, you can purchase:

  • a new computer game or a variety of tools for gamers — a special type of keyboard, glasses, pedals and so on;
  • sports bike;
  • gear for sports (dumbbells, a punching bag and Boxing gloves);
  • Что подарить подростку на день рождения?

  • modern smartphone with plenty of power for video games;
  • a guitar or a synthesizer;
  • fashion sneakers;
  • set for experiments or magnetic designer;
  • a helicopter or a ship on the remote control.

Choosing a gift for a teenager’s birthday party depends on money factor and the age of the child. The older it is, the more expensive the gift.


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