Diet cellulite on legs and bum: effective menu for the week

The word «cellulite» was turned into the worst enemy the lovely ladies solely through advertising. The woman on her stomach, ass and legs needs to Deposit body fat for fertility. So inherent nature, and it is not for us to challenge it. The problem appears when the appearance of tissue fibrosis, the fat is grouped in special knots that is visible from the side. Diet cellulite on legs and bum will be able to solve the problem.

Fighting cellulite at home

Orange peel on your legs will disappear only through diet, sports and active lifestyle. For the emergence of a noticeable effect it is necessary to perform a series of pre-emptive action. Simple measures can prevent the emergence of new fat deposits and reduce the number of existing ones. To get rid of cellulite at home really. Basic tips:

  • A passive way during the day and lack of fresh air affects the metabolism. So can form unwanted subcutaneous fatty tissue. Walking at least 40 minutes exercise on the squat, attending training will improve health and lead to tone the muscles and skin of the woman.
  • Smoking, excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and other bad habits have a negative impact on health. Flabby body reflects the General ill-health. In addition, it becomes orange peel on the feet. Eliminate the nicotine – only this way will appear an immediate impact.
  • Massage improves the penetration of subcutaneous anti-cellulite means, increases the blood flow to the treated areas. Without the use of mechanical impacts on the butt, belly, thigh and knee the effect from the slimming decreases.
  • Diet cellulite on legs and bum is a prerequisite of a positive result. You must know the food is strictly forbidden in the presence of fat and food that can bring the excess water.

Proper nutrition for cellulite legs and bum

There are a number of products, consumption of which leads to the formation of fatty deposits in the human body. The woman extra pounds seen on the butt, thighs and stomach. Eliminating junk food, she takes a big step towards combating cellulite. Diet for cellulite legs and bum prohibits:

  • coffee;
  • sugar;
  • wheat flour;
  • milkshakes;
  • carbonated sweet water;
  • alcohol;
  • food fast food (fast food);
  • excessive intake of salt;
  • canned foods.

Some foods speed up the metabolism, brings essential nutrients. Use during the diet of such products helps a woman to remove cellulite from Lasik, improve health and appearance. Foods, positively affect weight loss:

  • citrus;
  • almonds;
  • boiled eggs;
  • fresh parsley;
  • carrots;
  • pineapple;
  • low-fat dairy;
  • fish (caviar fish junk);
  • muesli;
  • beans, cabbage, peppers;
  • ginger.

To fight cellulite easier if you drink plenty of fluids. Ideal – clean drinking water and nothing else. For tea lovers it is proposed to replace black and green herbal drink. Diet will not result in the use of coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, milkshakes. Alcohol and soda contain sugar that leads to weight gain, caffeine reduces the metabolism.

Anti-cellulite diet

Treatment of problem areas on the legs and butt is impossible without observance of diet. Any anti-cellulite diet. The week must start with clearly arranged menu to the fridge was extra food. Once a month arrange a fasting day, which apart from the liquid nothing to eat. Two liters of clean water to drink, irrespective of the chosen way of eating. Popular method of cellulite without reliable evidence of its safety unwanted.

Menu for the week



Afternoon tea


Second dinner


oatmeal on the water, fresh orange juice

the meatball soup, steamed vegetables with ground beef, chicory


hake fish, baked in the oven, the beans, the infusion of rose hips

low-fat yogurt


boiled egg, rye bread with cheese, fresh pineapple juice

blend (tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper), boiled beef, water

carrot salad with apples

steam meatballs with stewed eggplant, chamomile infusion



muesli, coffee without caffeine

cabbage salad, mouth beef, mashed potatoes, chicory


boiled beets, grapefruit, walnuts, ginger drink

cottage cheese


low fat cottage cheese, freshly squeezed orange juice

chicken soup, vegetables, water

dried fruits

boiled beef tongue with buckwheat



oatmeal on the water, herbal decoction

steam cutlets, rice, tea


steamed cod with vegetables, tea

goat’s cheese, rye bread


boiled egg, rye bread with cheese, fresh pineapple juice

chicken patties, buckwheat porridge, vegetable slicing, water

few slices of pineapple

boiled beef, fresh vegetables, ginger drink

low-fat yogurt

On Sunday

cereals, chicory

fish soup, rye bread with cheese, orange juice


white meat chicken, pea puree, tea


Home remedies for cellulite

Any woman can make at home cosmetic treatment for problem areas on the body. In pharmacy in a wide range of anti-cellulite cream sold. Before purchasing carefully read the cream. It can include plant extracts, algae, essential oils, vitamins. Creams that contain some unknown components, it is better not to use it.

Before applying the cream to cellulite areas of the skin to be prepared. This is done with a massage brush or by hand. In the untrained body to apply the cream does not make sense: occluded upper fabric will allow to get the «Goodies» inside. Suitable various kinds of wraps: they are designed to heat the skin.

Video: getting Rid of cellulite at home on the buttocks and legs


Maria, 35 years: Diets of cellulite on legs and bum always was interested. I have this problem areas. The dietitian was made with dropped the extra pounds. The main rule is to eliminate harmful foods, bad habits, not nervous. Was pleased with the result.

Anna, 43 years: Diet for cellulite helped me eliminate thigh fat. Daily massage procedure improved the result. To remove all the problem areas with diet fails, there will only surgical intervention, but to hide the flaws happened.

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