Food film for weight loss at home: recipes wraps

About a beautiful and toned figure every woman dreams of, because being overweight brings many physical and aesthetic problems. With the arrival of spring the desire for a beautiful form is reinforced, so there are various ways. The simplest – food film for weight loss, KOTRA successfully used for getting rid of unpleasant «orange» crust on problem areas. If the excess weight is significant, then some wraps will be enough, you also require a balanced diet in combination with exercise.

Body wraps at home for weight loss

Food wrap prevent air exchange at the expense of what is under it creates a greenhouse effect and stimulates sweating. The removal of excess moisture allows to tighten the skin in problem areas, even if the total weight is within normal limits. Wrap quite really tightens sagging skin and helps along the way to get rid of 5-10 lbs. a Return to normal diet were harmful to the stomach and throughout the figures, because the volume is rapidly restored. Effective wrap for weight loss at home is possible with the simple rules:

  • drinking enough fluids;
  • wrapping combined with applying the cream, essential oils or cosmetic products;
  • the decrease in food intake of sugar and salt.

How to make body wrap slimming wrap

The procedure of losing weight using the food wrap is so simple that it can even at home. It is advisable to visit the bath or shower. Possible to use the method after the session of anti-cellulite massage. How to do in order to achieve the desired effect:

  1. Start to coil with the stomach, gradually descending down.
  2. The material is applied in 2-3 layers.
  3. For the purpose of maintaining the circulation of blood prohibited the imposition of tight.
  4. The duration of the procedure depends on the health, but not more than 15 min.
  5. Immediately remove the tape if there are signs of overheating or deterioration of health.

The strengthening effect of the wrapping film while running

Physical activity, especially running, increases sweating, which contributes to more rapid weight loss. In order to remove belly fat using the food wrap and to get rid of cellulite, before training under her cream is applied with anti-cellulite effect, and on top wear a narrow sports trousers or leggings. Then you can go for a run.

During exercise is lost from 0.5 to 1.5 kg, but it should be remembered that the fat in such a way impossible to remove. Running will be more effective if you stick to the rules:

  1. Before the beginning of class to conduct a warm-up for 10-15 minutes.
  2. During exercise to alternate Jogging, fast running, short/long step, walking with high knees and side.
  3. A gradual increase in load.

Film for slimming shape-up

The human body is the problem areas that are poorly amenable to correction in the usual way. Elastic film-sauna shape-up accelerates the fat burning process in locations such as the stomach and thighs. As an adjunct to diet and exercise film will be a great help in terms of getting rid of excess weight before an important event. Tight fit when wrapping promotes excessive sweating and create the greenhouse effect.

  • there is activation of metabolic processes;
  • improves local blood circulation;
  • accelerates the removal of toxins.

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Elena, 30 years: Food wrap – a real godsend for women. Not only that, it is convenient to wrap the products, so it is still ideal for body wraps with the goal to lose weight and flatten the skin. The material is disposable, but to buy it not a problem, because the price of the package is funny. To use the tape just have to cover ourselves in oil and wrapped up in it for about 30-60 minutes.

Maria, 35 years: Many people say that food wrap is suitable for weight loss. For myself, I discovered another useful feature of the wraps. In addition diminish the volume of under film, the skin becomes more elastic and cellulite disappear almost without a trace. The effect will be even higher if to take a hot bath and good RUB your skin with a loofah or MITT.

Anya, 28 years: depending on mood, I take a different means for lubricating the body. Sometimes, this cosmetic clay is combined with honey and mustard. Perfect ordinary slimming cream, add your favorite essential oil (orange, cinnamon, or grapefruit). Apply on the problem area, wrap with cling film, minding my own business. The effect is stunning!

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