Bracelet for weight loss: Luxury Magnetdiet with magnet, Banichi and Power Balance

The demand for wonder drugs for weight loss always remains high, because to lose weight effortlessly is a dream of everyone. You also dream about it? Then you definitely need to know about one such way of struggle against excess weight – bracelets for weight loss. What is it and how to use it? The instructions below will help you understand the kinds of magical decorations and their effects on the body.

Types of bracelets for weight loss

Offers bracelets for weight loss very much. They vary in materials and method of exposure. Similar promises remain only on the results of purchase of the bracelet:

  • accelerating the metabolism;
  • loss of appetite;
  • General improvement of health;
  • the removal of pain;
  • revitalization of the work of internal organs.


Magnetic therapy has long considered a means of prevention and treatment of certain diseases, as science has proved the existence of around a person’s magnetic field, which can be affected. Do this magnets from 800 to 2200 Haosov. So therapeutic magnetic bracelets adjust metabolism and have several other useful properties:

  • control hunger;
  • bring the body in tone;
  • ease pain after workouts;
  • eliminate the indigestion of food;
  • struggling with constipation.

It is recommended to wear magnetotherapy bracelet not more than 4-5 hours each day, while at night it is necessary to remove. There are several popular brands such jewelry. Some bracelets are even worn on the toes. A bright representative of Luxury Magnetdiet Bracelet is the joint invention of scientists from Russia and Japan:

  1. The base is a soft tissue, in which are embedded magnets.
  2. The action is in the treatment of insomnia, eliminating fatigue, improve blood circulation.
  3. Japanese don’t wear the bracelet with a magnet in diseases of the kidneys, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation, in cases of chronic diseases, and Oncology.
  4. Price from 1,000 p.


A classic among the models of tourmaline energy bracelet Power Balance. The first batch came out in 2007. In the description, the manufacturers claim that it is able to normalize sleep, to affect the nervous system and instill confidence in the result. Among the characteristics of wristband company «Power balance» and the rules of wearing are as follows:

  1. The product is made of tourmaline and silicone. The latter is able to act on fat deposits by using infrared and magnetic healing.
  2. Are allowed to be worn every day for any amount of time in the pool or on sports training, taking off only at night.
  3. Keep silicone bracelet with tourmaline not to overlap hours.
  4. Difference which hand and how to wear the bracelet, no. Most importantly – buy only the original and right wear to the decoration not squeezing your wrist.
  5. Price from 1,600 p.

Wearing energy bracelets is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • if there is damage to the skin.
  • when the pacemaker established;
  • at high temperature;
  • if there is a tendency to allergies;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


These bracelets belong to Chinese folk medicine. They affect the active points that contribute to the loss of appetite. The principle of operation consists in pressing the buttons at the moment, when I woke up a wild appetite. Prominent representative is the electronic bracelet AcuOne:

  1. Reduces appetite in 95% of patients who begin to lose weight.
  2. Wear the bracelet on the arm so that the metal terminals in contact with the wrist on the inner side, and arrow pointing in the direction of the fingers, as shown in the photo.
  3. Contraindications to wearing the same as for magnetic and tourmaline bracelets.


Bracelet Bianchi or black jade is produced on the basis of a healing stone that is used in folk medicine of the Chinese, because in China there is only one field. The mineral acts on the human body as follows:

  1. Emits ultrasonic waves with a frequency up to 20,000 Hz – comfort range for human beings.
  2. Raises body temperature.
  3. Releases energy at the cellular level, increasing blood circulation.
  4. Makes old cells replace new ones and that helps to rejuvenate and accelerate metabolic processes.

Only a positive result, to reduce the amount of daily consumed calories. Limiting your diet, you can achieve goal to lose weight, because the friction of stone on the skin creates the effect of lymphatic drainage, which further burns fat. The bracelet itself consists not only of one jade – today it may include the insertion of beads of Jasper, rock crystal or garnet. Minerals can even eliminate cellulite and promote hair growth. It is recommended to wear the bracelet daily for a few hours, because of contraindications.

Video: the truth about power balance


Natalia, 28 years: I was interested in, however the bracelet helps to lose weight. Bought Power Balance, wore for 3-4 hours every day. Only felt a small burst of energy, but the weight has not yet decreased. I can recommend the bracelet only from fatigue.

Tatiana, 35 years: When actively engaged in sports, bought a magnetic bracelet. Removed only at night and continue to actively diet. Feel the pounds go faster, although reviews of doctors or other users in most negative. The main thing – to believe in the result, therefore, suggest that you.

Alexander, 23 years: Bracelet to loss of stone Bianchi acquired solely for aesthetic purposes, so was surprised to feel better and the scales showed a figure of 1 kg less. Advise.

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