Milk tea for weight loss: the recipe for black and green, the benefits and harms

Among the numerous means of slimming that can ensure long-lasting pounds loss, and also have a good impact on the body, notably the unusual drink – Molokai. Milk tea the process of losing weight – a great help. Its components complement each other. Animal component enhances the absorption of catechins and vitamins from tea, vegetable and mineral elements of milk. Unloading on Morococha promotes rapid weight loss.

The benefits and harms of tea with milk

Women first dared to use the diet Morococha, clarify whether milk tea. Experts say that this product will not only help in the fight against the hated kilograms, but overall heal the body. The loss comes on Morococha, if you use it as the main product of the fasting day. Calorie beverage – 52 kcal (per 100 grams). Throughout the day you should drink 6 cups of this composition. With an acute sense of hunger you feel. Besides milk tea:

  • lowers pressure, helps to combat stress, calms the nervous system;
  • the perfect remedy for edema;
  • leaves in hungry fasting days;
  • stimulates the secretion of bile, thus aiding digestion;
  • perfectly cleans the liver and blood;
  • restores the state of the skin;
  • improves metabolism;
  • in nursing mothers increases lactation.

As there are contraindications of tea with milk, although you shouldn’t use this drink for a long time. In case of excessive use, the body can suffer from dehydration. In addition, due to the large amounts of caffeine molokotina diet is contraindicated for people suffering from insomnia and with any diseases of the digestive system.

Recipe Morococha for weight loss

Green tea with milk for weight loss – a good combination of products. They reduce the negative qualities of each other, while reinforcing the positive. How to cook Molokai? No matter which of the teas you take to prepare the wonder drink. Traditionally, green tea is considered healthier, while black gives more strength to the body. Choose welding at their discretion. You can even mix a few kinds of tea. Milk is better to choose skimmed.

Green tea with milk

To prepare a healthy beverage, you need to take 1.5 liters of milk. It should not be greasy. Next you should put on fire a container of milk, bring it to boil. After the tool has cooled, the container should have been asleep 3 tsp. of green tea without flavourings and additives. The obtained means should be brewed for about 20 minutes, then it should drain and you can drink it. Green tea with milk for weight loss will cleanse your body from heavy metals and toxins. It prevents constipation, removes tiredness.

Black tea with milk

For Morococha black tea you will need 1. 5 litres of low fat milk and 2 tablespoons of tea. You must continuously stirring heat the milk until bubbles. Then in lukewarm liquid, add the tea and give the resulting drink to infuse for 10 minutes. The resulting tool, filter and pour into a thermos. Drink Molokai to lose weight during the entire fasting day. To enhance the taste, you can add:

  • Melissa;
  • honey;
  • mint;
  • vanilla;
  • cinnamon.

Diet on Morococha

Enormous popularity of unloading on tea with milk for 10 days. The first few days cleaning the body, at this time you should exclude all foods from the diet. Every day should drink only Molokai. Menu days can add foods with low calorie. This diet is tough, it can be used only when you have everything in order with my stomach.

Effective and not too strict diet is molokotina for 3 days. You can get rid of extra pounds, improve metabolism. Tea (black, green) of any variety helps to activate the process, which for some reason has stopped working normally. Sample menu for one day milky-tea diet might look like this:


Second Breakfast


Afternoon tea


a glass of Morococha

oatmeal made with water; you can add a spoonful of honey

a glass of Morococha

vegetable soup, steamed vegetables, lean meat

boiled or steamed vegetables

Video about milk tea for weight loss

Reviews thinner on the results

Olga, 31 years: I rarely sit on a diet. Chose a sparing system of the fasting day on the wonderful Morococha. Arrange a day on my day off, because you can’t always get anything to eat. But tea with milk still afford to eat lean meat and vegetables, steamed. Per day takes about 1.5 kg of unnecessary weight.

Xenia, 40 years: the power supply System on Morococha advised a close friend. She regularly uses it before an important event. On the first day it was difficult to drink only this drink, but for a second he was into it. Added to it some fruit, boiled fish and steam vegetables. 3 days left 2 kilograms, has become better and easier to feel. Is no longer a headache.

Maria, 25 years: Found a recipe for brewing of Morococha on the Internet. For beverage used my favorite green tea. Added more cinnamon. Turned out a tool that I saw for three days. With tea eat more fruits, steamed vegetables and lean meat. During use of the system lost 3 kg and waistline decreased by 2 see Improved skin condition.

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