Fish oil for weight loss capsules: the benefits of omega 3 and how to take it

Pounds, of which it was able to rid of with diet and exercise, can quickly return. This is because during exercise or hunger strikes, the body loses water from the intercellular space. The balance is broken, and when a person comes to normal activities, all the mass loss is restored. Fish oil for weight loss stabilizes the metabolism. If it is taken during fasting or intense exercise, the balance does not suffer. Diet accompanied by the intake of fish oil is 2-3 times more efficient than conventional.

Composition and useful properties of fish oil

Eating right, eating protein foods, doing sports and taking fish oil, you can lose weight, increase lean muscle mass. Valuable material is formed from cod fish liver. In its composition of omega-3, unsaturated fatty acid and vitamins. How useful fish oil:

  • Vitamin a contributes to vision restoration, useful in long-term eye strain.
  • Vitamin D positively affects the skeletal system, improves the condition of ligaments and muscles.
  • Omega-3 cleans blood vessels, prevents from the formation of the blood clots, lowers «bad» cholesterol, improves brain function, reduces levels of «stress hormones». Together with calciferol restores fat metabolism. Acid has a positive effect on circulation, reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

Let’s see how omega-3 if you get rid of excess weight. This substance regulates the production of cholesterol and insulin. The hormone insulin prevents the accumulation of fat in the diet when there is an excess of calories, or reduce its use as fuel for the body. At the same time protects the hormone from «eating» in lean periods of muscle mass. If insulin is elevated, it is less likely that the accumulated fat will serve as a source of energy. Omega-3 helps to balance the production of insulin.

How to take for weight loss

There are several opinions about the dosage of fish oil for weight loss. Some nutritionists believe that it is enough and 500 mg daily, a number that comes naturally, with the usual foods for the metabolism is no longer required. There are researchers who are very confident person to lose weight we need to take at least 500 mg per 1% excess weight, but if fat many, this approach is threatened by an overdose of vitamins A and D. it is Optimal to choose a «middle ground». How to take omega 3 for weight loss:

  • if you have the desire to get rid of 15 kg and less, drinking 1-2 g of the drug 2 times a day;
  • you need to remove more than 15 kg should be consumed 5-6 grams per day;
  • fish oil for weight loss it is important to take correctly: don’t drink on an empty stomach, it could lead to diarrhea active secretion of bile;
  • the use of the drug should courses: 25 days to accept, then take a break of up to 5 months.


Please note that the amount of fish oil and omega -3 capsules varies, depending on the manufacturer. The standard norm is 1 g of fish oil, but there are other options, you need to read the manual. Before you take fish oil capsules for weight loss, you need to determine the dosage. The amount depends on how much excess weight and the rhythm of life.

At high physical exertion the quantity of capsules can be increased to 6 per day, the athletes burned more fat. The effect will be visible after a few weeks, and it’s not just slimming, but the effect of rejuvenation. The condition of the hair, skin and nails will improve. Drink fish oil capsules together with food, the substance is digested in the body better.

How to drink in liquid form

The optimal dosage of taking liquid fish oil — one tablespoon twice a day, at the beginning of the meal, you can — right after. To drink not more than a month, a year to pass to 3 courses of substance. Liquid fish oils are unpleasant to the taste, so capsules are now popular. An alternative to this drug is to cover 1 g daily intake of omega-3, every day need to eat 100 g of sea fish, or drink a tablespoon of Flaxseed oil.

Are there any contraindications to the use of

With caution, a little substance can be consumed by people with heart, liver, stomach, pregnant, lactating, hypertensive patients. Ingestion of fish oil for weight loss is completely contraindicated if the person diagnosed:

  • excess calcium or vitamin D;
  • thyroid disease;
  • kidney stones, kidney disease;
  • tuberculosis;
  • allergic to shellfish.

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Alena, 35 years: Twice a year take a course of omega-3, first tried to drink Flaxseed oil, but I did not like the taste, capsules are easier to drink. Use them three times per day, with food, no side effects. The effect is seen immediately, on the contrary, at first even I thought I gained weight, but then everything caught up for the month minus five pounds.

Anna, 27 years: I Want to warn everyone that this is not diet pills! If you drink them, you need to observe the diet or to the gym to walk. These drugs help to lose weight, do not give the weight to return, but do contain calories. Don’t expect to get a drink in and of themselves to lose weight. I combine the capsules with fitness, lose weight faster than without fish oil

Natalia, 41 years: you Start drinking liquid pharmaceutical preparation, survived the week. Bought in capsules, 1 gram, more expensive than usual, but easy to drink. While cutting only one course, in combination with a diet. For the month dropped 8 kg, happy. Take a break and buy these capsules. Besides weight say that hair become better, and the nails do not exfoliate, before it was a problem for me.

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