Cream for varicose veins on legs: wax Healthy Variabler and Clean legs

Varicose veins are unable to spare the women and men who have a predisposition to the disease. This disease affects people of different ages, professions. Bruises on the legs swelling of the veins, saphenous veins, swelling of these unpleasant symptoms will help to remove the cream from varicose veins. Using it along with other treatments (physical therapy, wearing compression stockings, comfortable shoes), you will be able to overcome this illness. Read the information about what types of creams on the market these goods, how to use them properly to achieve the result.

Cream for treatment of varicose veins at home

The venous system consists of deep and superficial veins. Varicose veins is a dilation of the subcutaneous blood conductors. One of the factors that favour this disease, is a feature of the outflow of blood from the deep veins. There are many creams from varicose veins, helping to solve the problem of expansion and blockage of veins, without resorting to medication. These tools, penetrating deep under the top layers of the skin, aimed at:

  • restoration of intravenous valves;
  • the strengthening of the venous and vascular walls.

Sophia with leeches

Cream dilatation is sold in many pharmacies. You can buy it without a prescription from the doctor for 169 R. «Sofia foot» is intended for the treatment of varicose veins, with swelling to the lower limbs. Apply the cream to the cleansed skin of the feet with a thin layer, evenly. The procedure recommended course, for one month every six months. The effectiveness of the cream due to natural ingredients:

  • horsetail has a great impact on intensive blood circulation through the vessels, the capillaries, eliminates stagnation, seals;
  • the kernel of the chestnut dilute thick blood, thereby preventing stagnation of veins;
  • the extract of leech has thinning, analgesic effect;
  • concentrate aloe Vera has antiseptic, moisturizing effect;
  • panthenol helps to relieve swelling, relieves pain;
  • vitamin set (A, E, C, PP) has a caring effect on the skin: nourishes, moisturizes, regenerates;
  • collagen rejuvenates and permeates the moisture-dry skin of the feet;
  • due to the wax, medicinal components of the cream penetrate into the pores of the skin and there show their unique abilities.


The manufacturers of this cream claim that it is the best remedy for varicose veins at the initial stage. Sold in specialty stores and some pharmacies. The price of the cream is 990 R. I use Variables daily for two months may complete healing from varicose veins. In the instructions to the cream composition is listed like this:

  • birch leaves help to relieve swelling of the lower limbs;
  • Ginkgo biloba extract – eliminates redness of the skin, has analgesic action;
  • soybean oil – penetrate into the lower layers of the skin affects the veins and vessels, strengthening their walls;
  • inflorescences of chamomile – has a powerful antiseptic effect;
  • caffeine is involved in the regeneration of cells, causing the blood flow to the damaged places;
  • lemon essential oil has whitening, antiseptic effect;
  • menthol can dull foot pain;
  • nettle leaves – have a rejuvenating effect. Substances contained in this herb is able to clean and dilute the blood;
  • wormwood herb has a disinfectant, tonic effect on the surface of the venous walls;
  • contained in cream coconut oil increases penetration of the medicinal components of the cream;
  • cores horse chestnut is able to remove the swollen feet after work.

Clean legs

Based on numerous reviews from consumers of this product, it is clear that Clean legs – a modern miracle-cream from varicose veins. Use the tool on a regular basis once a day, smearing not only on the thighs and calves, but also on foot. Two weeks of using the cream it is possible to achieve amazing results: completely cure varicose mesh. The cost of the drug on the official website of 2,500 p. 30 G. the Power of this cream from varicose veins in its composition:

  • kernel, horse chestnut can strengthen fragile venous walls, make them more elastic;
  • an anticoagulant reduces the viscosity of the blood, protects against the formation of dangerous blood clots;
  • sea salt, penetrating into cells and tissues, enriches the blood with minerals, iodine: the substance has anti-aging effect on the walls of veins and capillaries.


From beekeeping products are made ointment from varicose veins, soothing balms and other medicines for strengthening veins. For the treatment of foot and prevention of the disease you can use beeswax – both in pure form and with the addition of different vegetable and essential oils. This tool has a complex, unique composition and has the following actions:

  1. When rubbed into the skin perfectly absorbed. Shows its antibacterial properties.
  2. The content of fatty acids gives beeswax nutritional value. Penetrating the skin, strengthens blood vessels and veins, removes varicose veins on the legs.
  3. Bee wax large number of essential oils that suppress inflammation.
  4. Has a healing effect for wounds, cracks. Literally «seals» damaged vein.

The best remedy against varicose veins on the legs for pregnant women

The appearance of the varicose veins occurs during pregnancy. Effect of pressure on the limbs increasing of body weight. Every girl, being in position, should carry out prevention of this disease along with skin care to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen, chest, thighs. Antivarikoznogo there are special creams for pregnant women, each of whom is worthy of your attention:

  1. Cream against varicose veins «Caffeine» is presented in the amount of 40 g, has an exceptionally natural composition. After the first application, a noticeable freedom from pain and heaviness in the legs passes. After a month of use venous grid disappears. Due to the natural composition has no negative impact on fetal development. The presence of menthol, essential oils of citrus provides a pleasant feeling of coolness.
  2. Cream-wax «Healthy» for R. 990 Consists of bee products: propolis, honey, Royal jelly. The tool should be used with caution suffer from allergies to these components. The cream increases blood flow to the lower limbs.
  3. Cream «Venom» volume of 50 ml worth R. 229 Improves the quality of connective tissues in the veins, strengthens blood vessels. Thanks to the natural formula gently moisturizes the skin, relieves fatigue of the feet.
  4. Antivarikoznogo effective cream «Leoton» is provided in a volume of 50 ml worth R. 422 Is safe natural composition. Recommended to use with the first pregnancy.

Creams to prevent the disease

At risk needs a systematic prevention of vein disease. There are circumstances that cause the risk of varicose veins:

  • pregnancy;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • specifics of work that involves long periods on your feet;
  • sedentary lifestyle and lack of sport;
  • professional sports.

To prevent problems, there are special funds. Therapeutic compositions of the penetration of the skin fortify venous vascular wall. Cream for the prevention contain rutin and heparin that improves circulation of blood through the vessels, preventing its stagnation. These include the following:

  • «Aescusan»;
  • «Antistax»;
  • «Venitan»;
  • «Troxerutin».

Videos tips for the treatment of veins on legs

In the first video, popular beauty blogger Irene Vlady shares recipes for healing from varicose veins on legs at home. The video will be interesting for those who prefer treatment by traditional methods, with the addition of essential and fatty oils. Watch video to the end and you will learn valuable tips to maintain health and youthful skin into old age. No less informative is the second movie in which Elena Malysheva will tell, why do I get varicose veins on legs how to recognize it in its early stages. In the end you will learn new methods of fighting inflammation of the veins.

Treatment of varicose veins at home

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