Cycling: the benefits for weight loss and exercise program

Many sports give positive emotions. They energize, nourish the blood endorphins, a figure closer to the ideal. These include and bicycling, benefit for losing weight which becomes noticeable already after a week of practice. Cycling is a great breathing exercise. Do not worry that you will pump leg is almost impossible, if not to sort out the calories in the food.

How to effectively lose weight through Cycling

The training system has yielded results, it is necessary to drive at least 1-2 hours. For beginners the recommended time of 15 minutes. Adjust the seat height, because if it is placed incorrectly, it will lead to pain in the legs and back. Track the pulse: it needs to be in the range of 120-150 BPM, then use Cycling for weight loss will be tangible very soon. Do not increase the intensity of training, as specified optimal heart rate for burning fat on the buttocks, abdomen and other parts of the body. Travel at a speed no more than 15-20 km/h.

Training program for beginners

The benefits and harms of Cycling are determined by the degree of physical preparation. Beginners do not need much to overload the organism, because even 15 minutes of exercise will produce results. Make sure that the last eating was at least 30-40 min before workout. Riding reliable bike, good for the weight loss which is especially noticeable in the morning, will ensure the safety and minimize the risk of injury.

For women

First ride at your leisure in a comfortable pace. A particularly effective movement uphill. When improve form, practice the so (each stage lasts three minutes):

  • warm-up;
  • dial the speed of 16 km/h;
  • increase the pace to 20 km/h;
  • move from a standing position (lift up the buttocks over the seat);
  • take a sitting position, then slow down to 17 km/h;
  • increase the intensity to 24 km/h;
  • reduce the speed to 21 km/h;
  • gradually move to the slow rotation of the pedals.

For men

Why use Cycling to lose weight strong half of mankind? This is an opportunity to dry a little figure and make it relief. Training program for men beginners almost the same as for women, only is to ride on the slopes. Cycling is a great way to shed excess weight. Men easily reduce the risk of prostate diseases and the formation of hemorrhoids.

Video about the benefits of Cycling for weight loss

How to find an active sport, which would be the best for body and soul? Try Cycling – physical activity, positively affecting many areas of life. Charming Tanya Rybakova will tell you how to achieve the desired shape using a bike, get a lot of wonderful emotions, recharge. For those who are worried about the slimness and femininity of its forms, has secrets of proper technique and nutrition. From the video, you will learn about proper training «cycle». Rate of their health benefits, the role in burning fat and increasing endurance.


Oksana 18 years of age: Not to say that lost weight from Cycling, but the muscles tightened. Legs moderately inflated – femininity preserved. Give yourself a good workout: daily overcome 6-10 km (last 3 weeks), eat properly. Happy with the result, I will continue. After the lesson, make sure to do stretching that legs and ass were beautiful.

Marina, 28 years: I Love active rest, great in including. Discovered it more than five years ago, the female figure is an indispensable thing. The weight started to melt immediately, but after the first outing a few days pain in the thighs and buttocks. The body is noticeably thinned out, and I am incredibly happy. Spin the pedals by 5-7 km in a day, and in his free time running around the 8 km.

Egor, 35 years: Thanks to the bike I made my body tough and strong. My weight in 2012 reached 113 kg. Began gradually to give your body the load, drove only for 5 minutes. Then the strength increased, and regular exercise began to bear fruit. 2 years (+ proper diet), I slowly come to its normal weight.

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