Eyeliner: liquid, gel and pencil, how to draw hands properly

A ship on a pre-announced schedule, passenger aircraft, frequent flights, and cosmetic pencil. What is common between these at first glance are completely different concepts? Right! They all move in a line, bringing the person to a specific purpose, and is called a liner. An important mission is and simple black eyeliner – makes «mirror of the soul» a real weapon to conquer the hearts of men.

Types of liners for eyes

I cannot answer definitely, what eyeliner is better. In the top expensive brands is «makeup for makeup artists» MAC, Clinique products are hypoallergenic and fashionable Surratt Beauty – pencils of this brand that cost about 3 thousand rubles, created a personal stylist uma Thurman of Troy Surratt. There is also the luxury cosmetics is Givenchy, Anastasia Beverly Hills and others.

Long been the standard of quality relatively inexpensive «Inglot», «Meubelen», «Chanel», «l’oreal», «Bourgeois», «Dior» – eyeliner mass market segment. With limited budget look for high quality German cosmetics «Essence» or the French «Vivienne Sabo» low cost of this product is the lack of spending on brand promotion. Good penny «network» ships from «Oriflame», «Avon», «Faberlic».


Painted pencils even our grandmothers, which, however, did not know that they were using the liners. So far, these eyeliner neizbalovannogo Russian ladies usually buy. The main drawback, the necessity of constant sharpening, the producers are not left without attention, offering fashionistas a pleasant alternative: an automatic eyeliner. But their traditional slates weigh less and goes faster. White waterproof liner used for inner eyelids, black eyeliner is convenient to paint over the eye.

Liquid eyeliner

Second place in the ranking of the popular liner is the liquid eyeliner or aliner that difficult to use. She recruits not just hold a straight line, but a few workouts and will not want to use a pencil. Liquid liner comes in a tube with the lid-brush or pen-pen, a colored dye where the tool automatically enters the tip.


Eyeliner-pen for the eyes (the marker) is a kind of liquid liners. This tool is very easy to use and indispensable if you want to make a cat-eye, expressive hands, or to paint over the lashes at the base (not the eyeball!). Better do not use to create the effect of smoky – smoky look just will not work, because this liner does not blend.


Gel eyeliner is a new product in the market, makes positive steps in winning the hearts and pockets of those who like to shoot the eyes. But professional makeup artists appreciate it a cosmetic. Cream (gel) structure of the liner is relatively easy to use. Among the shortcomings: quickly dries up in the jar, not all manufacturers add the brush to the package.

Dry liner

This tool is a dry substance, like eye shadow. While not popular, and, most likely, will not be popular among «normal» women. Only a special skill to make this pressed powder in a beautiful line around the eyes. However, experts in makeup I love to create expressive eyes with dry connectors.

The correct eyeliner

Poorly applied makeup can easily transform a pretty woman into a pitiful parody of beauty. If you do not know how to apply eyeliner eyeliner, remember:

  1. Transform your face only in daylight. Artificial front of the mirror will hide all the flaws that will be visible after going outside.
  2. Paint the eyes with eyeliner starting, only then proceed to the shadows and mascara. Otherwise, your hand shakes and you already ruined makeup.
  3. Start to draw a line from the inner corner of the eye moving without interruption to the outer corner.
  4. For the upper eyelid, use a liquid eyeliner (if you do not want to create a Smokey effect), for the bottom – only a pencil.

To make a beautiful makeup and highlight the beauty of the view, when applying eyeliner, use the structural features of the eye:

  • Almond shape

You can use any kinds of arrows, for example, the classic version. Circle lower eyelid a thin continuous line, upper – extend a line from the middle of the eye to the outer corner.

  • Narrow eyes

Some makeup artists believe that the arrows do not «love» narrow eyes. Others give «good», but only broad lines. Third enemies, narrow eyes recorded black eyeliner, recommending colored (brown eyes – brown, blue – blue).

  • Round eyes

Lower eyelid do not touch while the wide eyeliner in the inner corner of the top, drawn in pencil, your eyes will lengthen. Be sure to blend the arrow to hit it on the line growth of eyelashes, otherwise it will seem bug-eyed.

  • Close-set eyes

Making arrows, don’t forget to step back a little from the inner corner of the eyelid. From the outside round off the liner up. Swipe the liner and under the lower eyelid. This method will visually expand the look.

  • Widely set eyes

The arrow along the entire length of the upper eyelid extending to the bridge make the distance between the eyes less. Lower eyelid down on the outside or no touch.

  • Small eyes

In this case, the lower eyelid definitely don’t touch, unless you want to make even smaller eyes. Hands should be light, allowed grey or green. Black and dark eyeliner should be avoided.

  • «Heavy» eyelids

Well to correct this deficiency will help Matt dark shadows and black eyeliner. Paint the movable upper eyelid, and capture a small part of the folds. Mother-of-pearl, glowing and shadows with sparkles for you banned!

Than to dilute the liner

Do not rush to throw the dried liquid eyeliner. Add two drops of moisturizers for the eyes, vodka or aloe juice. Easily gets reanimated and eyeliner with gel. To do this, divide the cotton pad into two halves, take one of them and wet it a means for removing makeup. Cover with cotton wool soaked in a jar of eyeliner (smooth part of the disk is strictly down to the agents come down). Leave for a day.

Video: how to draw arrows on the eyes eyeliner

Really want to learn how to draw eyes, but it is difficult to understand all the intricacies of this art? You get help from a fashion blogger Lena. She will teach you how to make magic arrows, fight on the spot the men in a radius of 10 meters. To do this, take a thin brush (you can unprofessional, purchased from the art store), white pencil, gel eyeliner and for the cause!


Anastasia, 30 years: Thank you very much! I didn’t know what a liner. Everyone wanted to learn how to draw hands, I even had Mabelin eyeliner with brush (dried up, so she didn’t use it). Today definitely try. Very nice!

Elena, 21 years: I always use the connectors for the eyes and eyebrows. Buy different brands – Mabelin, MAC, Maksfaktor, from expensive tried Lancome. Were the liners from Essence, Nyx, Loreal. The feeling that they are poured from one barrel – not much of a difference. All the same application, just some indelible, others are not.

Natalia, 38 years: Elena, well, I do say! There is a difference, choosing eyeliner from expensive «Clinics» or some cheap «Still»… I love the Chanel liner – this waterproof eyeliner lasts as nailed. Mega-effect! U tried everything, nothing worked.

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