Five tactics of family behavior

Any parent wants to educate their child self-sufficient and able to build relationships with people who are on the way. Many books have been written on the subject of education of the harmonious personality, but do not forget that the child learns by observing and feeling. Growing up, he absorbs the behavior of their parents, their manner of speak, and act in the family and in society.

Пять тактик семейного поведения


Family despotism which suppresses the initiative of the child in new situations, leads to the fact that the child grows up with a strong «lame» independence. If a growing human being from childhood is watching the manifestation of the dictates of a stern parent to the weaker members of the family or to him, there is a high probability that he will accept this behavior. Becoming a despot in the relationship, sooner or later he will begin to apply their power to all who can.


Perhaps this is the most common tactic of family behavior, because care is essential in dealing with children, but all understand it in different ways. Excessive care can make the child weak-willed creature who needs assistance in resolving the simplest of issues, and to give him a utopian understanding that all he should, and if not given, then you need to take by force.


The confrontation and «hostilities» in the family create a constant irritation and mutual grievances. The child learns to over-protect ourselves and at the same time to acutely observe and exaggerate the: favorable climate of others. Growing up, he will also declare war to other «bad» around us, do not forget about the parents.

Peaceful existence

This form of behavior parents with a child becomes absurd when in the family there is the extreme position of non-interference. For total freedom of choice of occupation and action, the individuality of the child, the family may pay all because of and removal from families at the critical moments when you need his input and help.


It is believed that this form of family relations the most harmonious. Little man is growing understanding of the value of themselves and others, ready to support close in a difficult moment, to lend the shoulder, and can easily count on the help of others.

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