How to raise a child: tips for parents

Maybe these ideas will inspire some parents protest. What about a happy childhood, you ask? This approach implies that the child should be constantly engaged in educational games.

Как правильно воспитывать ребёнка: советы родителям

Teach your children to stick to the plan of the day which are with them. Children’s day should be filled with not only games, but also helping with the housework, such as cleaning up their toys, sports and school. The plan must be composed of alternating cases: physical exercise, then spiritual and intellectual development. Not to forget, more walk in the fresh air, playing games with friends.

Tip # 1. Drafting and then implementation of the plan of the day will help your child to be disciplined and taught to respect the day.

Tip # 2. The family allowed only those games that are aimed at development. The game must combine intellectual and physical development. Try out the life of her child, completely eliminate, computer issues, shooting games, adventure games. Some parents believe that there are games on the computer that contribute to the development of the baby. If parents hold this view, allow the child to play this game, but not more than one hour per day, that is enough, and then try to switch his attention to other spheres of life.

Tip # 3. Obedience from the first word. If parents ten times a day tell the child the word «no», it does not explain why it is difficult to understand what he wanted to achieve, and commits the act again. Explain to the child why doing this is forbidden, he will understand and will obey the first word «no».

The parents ‘ responsibility to clearly explain to the child what he can do and what not to do.

Try to be firm and persistent. If punished the child for the offence and put it in the corner, do not give in to tantrums, show him that you regret the action taken, but he must be punished for disobedience. Do not run in a minute after the penalty to wipe his tears, it will only show weakness, than the child will certainly take advantage next time.

Nurture in child discipline, explain what is self-reliance, let him be independent, of course, within. Adjust their behavior with a soft and friendly voice, not shouting, not angry with the child. Praise your child often show how you love him despite his disobedience.

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