The balance of work and personal life is a myth?

Any woman working tirelessly thinks she needs to do at work, and she forgot to do at home, this cycle is very tiring. In the end, every woman starts to dream, that was enough time and work, and home. Whether this is a feasible dream?

Баланс работы и личной жизни - это миф?

Many of us assure others and yourself that family is most important to us, but it is necessary to call the chief, as we drop everything and work. This is not surprising, we are forced to play by those rules, which offers us the employer. The only thing we can do is to find a middle ground, to not only the company but also for ourselves.

Being at work 5 days a week and working for 9 hours, we sometimes have to work on weekends and evenings. Of course, the administration is encouraging such recycling, but it forces us to leave your family and rush to work.

Ask yourself whether you need such processing, pays off if the seat in the office? Maybe you are driven by conformist views?

Your leadership has used that all 24 hours you are connected. If the contract is not agreed this condition, then you have every right not to answer phone calls and emails.

If diligence can change your life for the better, please answer the following question: «How will you treat this situation in an hour, a year, ten years?»

Concentrating on certain dates we are moving away and discard emotions. Soon you will understand that the plan made today, not tomorrow, is not as significant.

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