6 stages of true love

Love is contradictory and mysterious feeling, the mystery is trying to solve for centuries, great minds of literature, philosophy, culture, psychology etc. for the first time, Experiencing the unusual sensation of «weightlessness», the man thinks this is great love. However, there are several typical stages of development of the most wonderful feelings. If you and your partner have managed to pass all the stages, then it is safe to say that you are experiencing the miracle of true love.

Стадии истинной любви

Stage one

This period lasts about a year. You perceive your lover in a distorted light, that is, idealizing the appearance, character, habits, lifestyle, etc. You sure find a person with whom are ready to share grief and joy. After each meeting comes a sense of euphoria, pleasure and inner satisfaction. From a scientific point of view this fact is explained by the generation of a large number of hormones endorphin and oxytocin. Psychologists agree in opinion that such a response to mate perfectly normal in the beginning of the relationship.

Second stage

The stage is characterized by the feeling of satiety partner. Permanent residence in a single space, no romance, and no visible weaknesses of a partner begin to openly irritate both. There comes that stage where the routine comes into its own. The period of satiety can last from one year to three years and periodically replaced by a feeling of love. Typically, the second stage is the majority of divorces.

Stage three

Obvious disgust, continuous showdown, the desire to adjust partner, control and selfishness are typical symptoms of the third stage of love. You find more disadvantages in a loved one, and all the advantages go by the wayside. To pass this stage is possible only through the wisdom and internal exposure. Sometimes the couple breaks up and the man or woman start looking for a new partner. This cyclical round, and you again will be disappointed.

Stage four

During this stage you clearly understand that to change your partner is impossible, and begin to perceive man with all the pluses and minuses. A sense of humility – the main feeling that you experience. Lovers try their best to smooth out the rough edges, learn to forgive, not to demand attention in return, to accept and support each other. A woman becomes more flexible in behavior, and the man aimed at the harmonization of relations in General.

Phase five

The main goal at this stage is the mutual respect and the desire to bring joy to your loved one. If there is a quarrel, then the pair knows in advance the ways to resolve the conflict without causing pain to the partner. This period occurs after about 10-15 years of marriage and can last a long time. Psychologists characterize the stage as the highest expression of friendly feelings.

Sixth stage

True love is the result which you receive, having passed all the other stages. Deep and sincere feeling comes naturally and deservedly so. Partners realize that the second half is an individual with their priorities that should be respected. Comes the understanding that true love has nothing to do with the habit, attachment and emotional dependence.

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