How to get out of an existential crisis

An existential crisis can occur at any time of our life, especially if this period is associated with some of the strongest emotional shock and loss of familiar values and meanings, which they previously lived.

Как выйти из экзистенциального кризиса

During this period, one begins to wonder deep existential nature: «what is the meaning of my life?», «how did the world begin?», «is there a God?», «is there life after death?». And because such philosophical questions can hardly be found a definite and satisfying answer, there comes a crisis in which a person experiences anxiety and psychological discomfort, and in more severe cases even depression.

You have an existential crisis if you:

  • realize that your life has no meaning
  • think about your own mortality, the afterlife, and these thoughts do not give you rest
  • feel a sense of isolation and loneliness
  • you have: confusion, anxiety, depression, aggression, mood swings,
  • see changes in interaction with society, in professional activity, motivational sphere

Once in this state, some people begin to look for answers in religious books and on the Internet, particularly desperate and vulnerable can fall into a cult or anti-social group. But such a path is doomed to destructive consequences to emerge from the crisis with a new, constructive position yourself and the outside world, you need to know some effective principles to overcome it:

  • Watch your thoughts, don’t let them take over you, again and again to cause anxiety and worry. As soon as you notice that it happened – pay attention, direct all your attention and energy on some activity. Ideally, to find a job that will captivate you so much that all the negative energy by type of sublimation will be redirected to the form activity you are passionate about.
  • Think about the positive side of the crisis, the emergence of new changes that make up the meaning of each of the critical period. It can lead to transformation of the mind and consciousness in order that the evolutionary human needs.
  • In conclusion, for a successful and permanent exit from the existential crisis you must resolve all your concerns. Deep down inside understand that subsequently, spending your life on these thoughts, bringing only anxiety and unambiguous answers are unlikely to find it, you are missing the point full living present.

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