How to use perfume

The choice of perfume gives a lot of fun, perfume to buy, based on your taste, time of year, manufacturer, and cost. But the flavor was fresh, enjoyable and easy, you need to know how to properly use spirits.

Как правильно пользоваться духами

The main thing – to know the measure and do not pour a whole bottle. After all, if you overdo it, even a light scent can be annoying and unpleasant for others, especially if you go to work or a business meeting.

Where to apply perfume?

Perfumes can be applied to clothing and skin. The aroma is revealed fully, if the drop on the wrist, whiskey, crook of the elbow and behind the ear lobes, i.e. at the point where the pulsing blood. You cannot apply the liquid, otherwise it will be distorted the structure of the perfume product.

Perfume can be applied to clothing, but to do it carefully so as not leave a stain. It is better to choose the seams, the lining and especially the sewn pieces of fabric. But perfumers suggest that you still apply on the skin a few drops.

Another simple rule – do not allow contact of perfume and jewelry, because alcohol spoils the stones, especially pearls and amber.

How to combine several types of cosmetics?

Now aromas are not only in perfumes but also creams, tonics, lotions and other cosmetics. The aroma was pleasant, it is better to purchase funds from one line.

Do not use perfume to hide the smell of sweat, pleasant fragrance just will not work. But if you like someone’s perfume, remember that the same perfume on different people skin revealed varies. Do not forget that for different cases, must be their spirits: for work, business meetings, outing, parties, etc.

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