How to choose a quality lipstick

Every woman has their own preferences on this account. Some prefer to paint lipstick, others Shine. Some like the lipstick brighter, others opt for a slight natural shade, and some even prefer chapstick to any zwetajewa.

Как выбрать качественную губную помаду

Of course, we all want this wonderful invention not only added beauty to our lips, but also carried a useful function. Many manufacturers use in various therapeutic formulations, nutritional oils, waxes, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory components.

Before you purchase the lipstick or lip gloss, you need to look at the price, as sometimes the cheaper products can not contain nutrients that are harmful to health, which may lead to a serious allergic reaction. In winter it is best to use lipstick with a nutrient composition, and in the summer with moisturizing.

Chapstick is considered completely harmless, it contains no colorants. That’s why we buy their children, especially in frosty time, to warn or prevent chapping of the lips.

The smell of the lipstick should be pleasant or absent altogether. The column should be free of cracks and accumulations of moisture. In addition, lipstick should be pleasant to the touch and when applied should not be any discomfort.

And most importantly – the shelf life of an open lipstick no more than 3.5—4 months. Lipstick in the package – 2-2.5 years. Please note the deadline expired lipstick can not be used.

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