Lace dream catcher with your own hands

The Dreamcatcher can be done very simply, if you use the classic method with the winding cord, and take a piece of lace fabric.

Кружевной ловец снов своими руками очень просто

For DIY you’ll need: lace fabric, Hoop, cotton thread («iris» or similar thickness), beautiful narrow lace trim and narrow lace, large and small beads, feathers.

Please note when choosing supplies to color them were harmonious (the hack will be very gentle, if you choose a color from white to beige or other pastel color).

The process of working on the dream catcher:

1. Separate one circle from the Hoop (without clamp) and wrap it in tape. The tip of the braid secure with a couple of invisible stitches.

2. Cut-out Lacy circle. The diameter of lace circle should be equal to the inner diameter of the foundations of the dream catcher that was made in claim 1.

3. Large rare stitches secure the lace inside the foundations of the dream catcher.

4. To make the hanger for the dream catcher, cut about 40 cm of cotton thread, pass it through the edge of the Hoop and throw it a large bead, then tie the ends of the thread.

5. Now decorate the bottom of the Dreamcatcher. To do this, cut two strips of narrow lace (length of about 40-50 cm) and put them through the bottom of the Hoop at a distance of about 5-8 cm from each other. Fasten strips of thread, so they did not slide off. After this, enter the thread at large and small beads in random order. At the end of the thread tie one or two feathers of different sizes.

6. Make three of these filaments with feathers with a length of about 20-22 cm each and secure them on the underside of the Hoop as pictured. You can also complement the décor dream catcher on taste and desire.

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