How to decorate a phone with a transferable tattoo

I want to tell you how you can decorate the cover (though the back cover is suitable only bright colors) regular temporary tattoo, and along with saucer, and teapot, and cups and even a vase. Since the smartphone is Chinese, the idea was to give it a Russian spirit, depicting a fairy pet, but the firebirds found no one.

Как украсить телефон  с помощью переводной татуировки

You will need

  • — tattoos;
  • — polymer clay of the type «Dragon» or «Prestige» (or epoxy/ alkyd nail Polish / varnish yacht;
  • — iron
  • — solvent type acetone.


1. Cut out the tattoo, remove the film from the front of the tattoo and apply it to the cover of the phone face down.

2. Wetted with water (preferably hot) paper side of the tattoo, firmly press and hold until adhesion to the cover of the phone.

3. Then wait a minute and try to carefully remove the paper from the tattooing. As you can see from the photo, it is not always possible to remove successfully: either the paper is not to lay off the tattoo, or the tattoo from the paper.

4. Then for better adhesion tattoo heat up the iron (at full capacity for cotton fabrics) and paper progladni side tattoo somewhere minute.

5. Then cover the top polymeric adhesive tattoo «Dragon» or «Prestige» (or epoxy/ alkyd varnish for nails / quick-drying yacht varnish). However, I like polymer clay, as it quickly osteklenie — in 15-30 minutes and is not afraid of water. To apply it, wind it around the brush to remove any excess glue, otherwise following the brush will stretch the polymer filament of glue zasyhaya and dirtying all around.

6. Glue residue carefully washed with a match, preferably soaked in solvent type acetone. Also well soluble in hairspray. Waiting for the final drying for about hour and preferably about put two layers of glue.

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