How to make coffee tree with your own hands

Coffee tree is an original piece for interior decoration. Created with your own hands it will be a nice gift for family, friends or just familiar people.

Как сделать кофейное деревце своими руками

You will need

  • jute rope
  • thick paper
  • cardboard roll from toilet paper
  • a flat wooden or plastic stick
  • pebbles
  • wool
  • a few coffee beans
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • lace
  • the compass
  • scissors


1. Using a compass to draw on the sheet of heavy paper a semi-circle with a diameter of about 15 centimeters and two circles with a diameter equal to the diameter of the roll of toilet paper (diameter of one circle corresponds to the diameter of the roll at the outer circumference, the other on internal). Carefully cut out the semicircles and circles.

2. A roll trim, leaving a cylinder with a height of 6-7 inches.
On one side of paper to glue the larger circle. It is best to use white glue for furniture because it is quite thick, non-toxic glues and fast parts. Wait a few minutes until the pieces of glass will stick together. Lubricate the side surface of the Cup with glue. Wind gently jute rope. To dry.

3. When dry, attach to the glass wool and stones, not reporting 1 inch to edge of Cup. The stones need to give the design stability.

4. From semi-circle to make a cone, glue the edge and cut off the excess lower portion of the cone was smooth. To dry. Fill the cone with cotton (the cotton can be replaced with toilet paper). To stuff tightly, but be sure that the surface of the cone is not deformed.

5. Take a stick the length of 23-25 inches. One end to apply some glue and carefully insert into the prepared cone exactly in the middle. Wait until it is dry.

6. Now you need to paste the stick and cone jute rope. Start with sticks. Glue is applied gradually as the work progressed. The end of the stick to apply some glue and wrap the rope. In the same way to seal the base of the cone and the whole cone. The top free end of the rope to cut, wrap a loop, secure it with a pin. Wait until the parts completely dry out.

7. Now the free portion of the wand length of about 5 cm to grease with glue and insert into the middle of the prepared Cup. To dry.

8. Take the remaining paper circle, cut it along the radius, brush with glue and cover the upper part of the Cup.
Lubricate the surface of the adhesive and pour the coffee grains.
The upper part of the glass to make lace. Decorating a tree coffee beans. To paste seeds on a tree, it is more convenient to use the thermo-glue (glue gun), but if not, you can use PVA.
Decorate the trunk of a tree, tying a bow ribbon.

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