What new foreign investigators 2016 to read?

Fans of foreign investigators should pay attention to the books in 2016 this genre. Works of foreign authors has managed to gather many accolades among its readers. All books are available on book websites where you can buy the paper version, and download free electronic.

Какие новинки зарубежных детективов 2016 года почитать?


1. Evelyn Bash «the Last victim». Modern detective. Under mysterious circumstances in a Berlin Park find the body of a young girl. To start solving the crime detectives extravagant Diana and disillusioned with life mark. During the investigation there are all new and new victims, who are United by one thing — a strange frozen smile. Whether the main characters unravel the murders and find the culprit before appears new victim?

2. Hey. JI. Rich «the Hand that feeds you.» Modern psychological mystery. This book, created in cooperation of two talented writers – Emmy HEMPEL and Jill Ciment. The main character Morgan Prager – student of the College of criminal law, and just a happy girl, doting her boyfriend, Bennett. Things have Morgan go to the wedding, but the unthinkable happens – Bennett is found dead and disfigured surrounded by three angry dogs. Gradually found out new facts from the life of this young man, because it turns out he was impersonating one. Besides the black bar is touched and women who had at least some relation to Benetto, which means that Morgan faces a deadly threat, and to uncover the mystery of the murders need to learn the truth about Banette.

3. Mary Higgins Clark «Under the mask of beauty». Modern detective. Newlyweds Janice and Mike Ford after the wedding decided to visit his sister Janice in new York — Alexander. Agreeing to meet at the airport, Alexander does not appear. As it turned out, she didn’t come home for several days. As a young model, sister Janice was involved in a beauty project called «Mask of beauty» where and was the face of the project. Mike, the assistant district attorney, suspected that the beauty project all know what happened to Alexander, but no one wants to talk. And then Janice and Mike will have to find the missing sister, and as soon as possible.

4. Kristoffer Karlsson «the Invisible man from Salem». Modern detective. The crime, committed in an apartment building, was awakened by suspended police officer Leo Junker, who lives a few floors above. The murder reminded Leo about the hard and dark times of his youth. And all because of the pendant that he found in the dead hand of a stranger, previously owned by the girl, the sister of his best friend Jonah, he was in love with in his younger years. The offence is committed not by accident, someone tries to force Leo to pay the old bills, because he was indirectly responsible for the death of sister Jon.

5. K. L. Taylor The Wreck. Modern psychological mystery. 15-year-old Charlotte tries to get by life under the wheels of the bus and the attempted suicide falls into a coma. This news is so shocking Susan, mother of Charlotte, that she is immersed in paranoia and desperately trying to understand the motive for such action daughter. Susan begins to suspect loved ones and begin to investigate the tragedy, the causes of which lie in her own past.

6. William Ritter «Jacobi». Mystical adventure mystery in the style of Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. 1892, New England. Abigail’s Hands went to work as a assistant to a young handsome R. F. Jacobi, the mystery of all the mysterious and supernatural. Oddities GeCube enough, because he lives in an old house with a Ghost and a parrot. The city covers a crime wave. The police tends to the version that it is a regular serial killer. But GeCube sure that the crimes involved paranormal forces.

7. Ruth Rendell «from DOON to death». Classic English detective. A small quiet English shocking news about the murder in the forest women. Have not occupied a priority position in society, murdered Margaret Parsons and her husband lived a normal life and do not stand out from «the crowd». At the murder scene detect only rare color of lipstick, and in the house of the deceased found a lot of valuable old books signed from a secret admirer by the name of Dun. Pristupovych to the investigating detective Wexford learns new details about the life of Margaret.

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