How to treat canker

Very often it happens that the appearance of white sores in the mouth brings us a lot of discomfort while eating, talking, and annoying sharp pain. There are so many ways you can treat thrush using folk remedies. But which ones are more effective and fast? After all, we need to remove the irritating pain as soon as possible and speed up the healing process of ulcers.

kak lechitsia stomatit

You will need

  • water;
  • — salt;
  • — chicken eggs;
  • — milk;
  • — honey;
  • — calendula;
  • pharmacy chamomile;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • — carrot;
  • — yarrow.


1. Treat a canker sore with salt.
1. Dissolve teaspoon of salt in a glass of slightly warm water.
2. Conduct a rinse a couple of times a day.
3. When the feelings of burning reduce the amount of salt.

poloskanie solevum rastvorom

2. Rinsing the mouth protein chicken eggs.
1. Detachable protein of one egg from the yolk.
2. Mix protein with a glass of warm water, previously boiled.
3. Perform a rinse every couple of hours.

3. Quickly helps relieve inflammation lubrication of the mouth a mixture of milk, yolk and honey.
1. Mix the protein separated from the yolks with half Cup of milk.
2. Added to the incomplete solution of a tablespoon of honey.
3. With the help of pharmacy bandage the treated mixture the entire mouth.
4. Carry out greasing every three hours until complete healing of the ulcers.

4. Healing and has anti-inflammatory qualities of calendula. Rinse it with broth to save you from annoying disease.
1. One packet of marigold pharmacy or a tablespoon of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water.
2. Put on the heat and cook the broth for about ten minutes on low heat.
3. Cool broth as often as possible, do rinse.


5. Well to help relieve the pain and inflammation chamomile.
1. A bag of chamomile pour a glass of hot water.
2. Cook for about 10 minutes and allow to infuse.
3. Rinse hold cold solution several times a day.


6. Important action when dealing with canker is to conduct antiseptic procedures. Twice a day after hygienic procedures of the mouth make a rinse with hydrogen peroxide. This procedure kills bacteria, disinfects, helps in the healing white ulcers.

poloskanie rta

7. To reduce pain you should apply the ointment, which is lidocaine and the components having anti-inflammatory action. The range of ointments in pharmacies is quite wide, so it is possible to purchase the product that suits you by price, composition etc.

8. Also a wonderful folk remedy is rinsing the mouth with carrot juice.
1. Extracted juice the carrots from the juicer or simply grate on a grater and use the cheesecloth to wring out the liquid.
2. Bred in equal proportions with water.
3. Several times a day use this solution for rinsing.

9. If you can get fresh yarrow, it can be an effective means to combat the stomatitis.
1. Press out the juice of crushed yarrow.
2. Add in the juice honey.
3. Drink the solution three times a day for one tablespoon.


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