Right counting calories is the best way to lose weight for the summer

The body weight depends on how many calories a person consumes and consumes. If you start to get better, you should reconsider your diet and reduce calorie intake. You have to know a few simple rules of calorie counting.

Как посчитать калории


Step one

To reduce the total number of calories you will help easy way – the elimination of the usual menu of «empty» carbohydrates (pastries, ice cream, cakes, fast food, soda), fried foods and canned foods. Such food only contributes to the accumulation of excess fats in the body. Replace sweets for fruit or honey. After a while you will feel a gradual weight loss. However, don’t get your hopes up because the further calories needed for weight loss.

Step two

Keep a food diary in which to record daily diet. Divide the sheet into two columns. First record the weight of each product in grams, in calories. Every day, add up the total number of calories. Firstly, you will have difficulties, because it will be difficult to get used quickly to the table. For convenience, you can use electronic calorie counter that is easy to find on the Internet.

Step three

Daily calorie intake for effective weight loss should be reduced by about a third. To do this, use a simple formula. For example, you eat 1700 calories. To reduce this number by 20 %, multiply 1700 by 20. The resulting number (34000), divide by 100, and then subtract the number from 1700 340. In the end, you get 1360 is the number of calories consume daily, you will lose weight.

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