Health and beauty: what comes first?

Health allows beauty to blossom. This dynamic much better than wilt, so health can be considered as the parent of beauty.

 Красота и здоровье: что первично?

All agree with the expression that it is better to be healthy and rich than sick and poor. The word «health» is usually hiding all the good (understood as person) that relates to everyday existence: prosperity, success, wealth, joy, beauty.

On the other hand, there is the definition of «painful beauty», which rather creates a sense of pity, a romantic touch and hopelessness, feeling short of admiring such a beautiful creation. The concept of «beauty» is more succinct than «health», in connection with its distribution in fading, fading part of life that usually brings light sadness.

Healthy people always attract attention, come to others, inspire confidence. But to maintain health at a high level is hard work. Healthy people are always persistent in his desire to improve, as they are obliged to charge their energy to others.

Health is maintained at the mental level, it appears and strengthens in the mind of the person. Thought processes aimed at achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, concentrate positive energy on the development of muscle strength.

Use workout in the morning – whether it’s exercise, walk, Jogging is undeniable, it allows the blood to run faster, enriching the body with oxygen to speed up thought processes.

Morning exercises are usually minimal when surrounded by people and cars, the lack of external stimuli allows you to focus on yourself and your objectives, the level of concentration gives self-confidence and increases the possibilities.

In this state, a person is healthy and confident, with clear goals and a clear view proceed to the challenges of a new day. He infects others with their confidence and optimism, smiles and looks in the eyes of colleagues and partners a beautiful and reliable employee, in the eyes of the family – the pillar of the family, loved and loving person.

The pursuit of beauty creates a desire to be healthy, health breeds confidence and makes the beauty a direct result of taking care of yourself. You need to give yourself to be healthy, the will be interpreted as that it is permissible to do, and rave reviews of others about your beauty is not long to wait!

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