How often to water tomatoes

To harvest tomatoes you not upset, you may need to adjust watering these plants. Tomatoes do not like waterlogged soil, so watering these should frequently and in small volumes, or rare, but abundant.

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How often to water tomatoes in the greenhouse or the greenhouse

If you transplanted the tomatoes in the greenhouse, initially well spill per well 10 liters of warm water, transplant seedlings, then every Bush pour five liters. Multiroute the soil around the plantings with straw and leave on for three to five days, all this time to water the plants unnecessary.

Once the tomatoes take hold, produce watering every three days in the evening, pouring at least three liters of water for each Bush. In that case, if the soil in the greenhouse/greenhouse, not covered, water the tomatoes every day, pouring the same volume of water. If the weather is Sunny, do not forget to ventilate the greenhouse.

How often to water tomatoes in the open ground

Tomatoes — culture is not very hydrophilic, so watering in the open ground can be made not more than twice a week. However, in the first two weeks after transplanting and water it needed each evening in small portions (one litre per Bush). The optimum water temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius.

If you tomatoes after landing was multirole, and the weather is moderately warm and don’t skimp on the rain, and then we can not water the seedling. Pay attention to the leaves of tomato after decay heat (in the evening) if they are not sluggish, then you are watering them correctly.

How often to water tomatoes in August

In August, watering tomatoes is no different from watering in the previous two months. In this time the tomatoes ripen and requires active or slightly less moisture. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the weather: if there is no heat, and the soil around the tomatoes covered in straw, then watering can be eliminated.

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