The benefit of fasting for the body

Польза поста для организма

Lent is a time not so much physical healing as a spiritual. Fasting is necessary first of all to better connect with God, to reach him with their prayers, whereas satiety adjusts only for sleep and laziness. The benefit of fasting for the body is difficult to overestimate, but what is it exactly that will be discussed in this article.

Use lent for health

Shelves of modern stores are crammed with food and often people just don’t know what else to pamper yourself. The rejection of animal products in favor of plant gives the body the opportunity to rest and recover. It’s no secret that fatty meats, smoked meats and sausages not fully digested by the body, poisoning it with toxins and products of decay. Plant foods and grains, which mainly feeds on fasting rich in fiber, which like a brush cleans the organism from slags and toxins, accelerates material exchange, facilitates the work of all the digestive organs.

A benefit of fasting is that a person can and two or three extra pounds to get rid of and your health to improve. Because the vegan diet improves the heart and blood vessels, facilitates the course of pancreatitis, biliary dyskinesia, diseases of liver etc. by Clicking on cereals, fruits and greens, you can feel a wonderful lightness, a readiness to move on. The benefit of lent is spiritual growth. People seeking to become better, hurry to do good deeds and prays, and the prayer in the first place gives peace. Peace is extremely necessary nervous system, because all heard that its depletion leads to the occurrence of many diseases.

As you can see, the post is possible only benefits and no harm. Do not be afraid to fast, because there are plenty of tasty and nutritious dishes that can be obtained from vegetable products.

Польза поста для организма  

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